UP cop gets a massive convoy ‘farewell’ during lockdown: SUSPENDED [Video]

Farewell of a Station House Officer (SHO), Inspector Manoj Kumar Singh went viral on the Internet. The police personnel from Ambedkarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh led out a convoy of 11 vehicles to bid farewell to the inspector, who was transferred to another police station in UP. Manoj Kumar, the inspector was suspended along with 10 other police personnel for the misconduct. This happened during the lockdown.

The video shows that a convoy of several official police motorcycles and cars were going through the streets of the district. All the bikes and the cars had their sirens and strobes turned on. Manoj Kumar sat in a modified jeep, which is an illegal vehicle as per RTO standards. The bikes can be seen with as many as three police officers, again breaking the rules.

Ambedkar Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Avinash Kumar Mishra said,

A video has gone viral [on social media] where a send-off ceremony was organised for the Station House Officer (SHO) of Baskhari police station Manoj Kumar Singh. He was transferred on Tuesday to Jaitpur police station, while the Jaitpur inspector was transferred to Baskhari. There were also some complaints from a local BJP MLA about his work.

The video was shot of Wednesday. The ASP also says that the residents have violated the lockdown and no in the video could be spotted with a mask. Action will be taken against the officials as per the ASP but he has not mentioned the exact action that they will take against them.

UP cop gets a massive convoy ‘farewell’ during lockdown: SUSPENDED [Video]

The SHO who was on ordered to transfer to another police station had a number of complaints against his name. However, the exact nature of the complaints is not known. Even a BJP politician filed an official complaint against the SHO for misconduct. Police officers often take laws into their hands and think that they are above the law. However, the police officers or for that matter of fact, any other government official is bound to follow the civilian laws of the country. Often police officers can be seen acting like goons and not following the traffic rules.

In the past, there have been many incidences where the civilians have stopped the police personnel on the roads for not following rules. Many have even confronted the cops and have ensured that the fine is issued against them. Such videos often become viral on the Internet. The cops from various states have taken strict action against modified vehicles and have even seized them in the past. Well, seeing the cop himself inside a heavily modified vehicle, we are not sure if he knows the modification rules properly.