Watch a cop intentionally damage Honda Dio & other scooters of lockdown violators [Video]

India has entered the fourth phase of lockdown and yet the COVID-19 cases do not seem to stop. While the authorities have allowed some movement of civilians and essential items with relaxed rules, the government strictly asked the citizens to stay inside their homes during the first three phases. Well, the police and the authorities did every to ensure that the citizens stay inside their homes and they do not come out unnecessarily.

There are many videos online that show the cops beating the people who have come out without a reason with a baton. However, this is a first such incident on video during the lockdown where the cops can be spotted damaging the vehicle of the violators. The exact place where the incident took place is not known but it seems somewhere from Karnataka.

The cop first beats the youths who were riding the Honda Dio and then he goes on to break the headlamps, instrument cluster and other parts of the scooter. The youths keep on pleading and asking the cop to not beat them destroy the Honda Dio they were using but they continue to create a ruckus. We are not sure if any action has been taken on the cops yet. There have been many incidents of the police beating the lockdown rule violators throughout the country. Many cops have been suspended too.

Watch a cop intentionally damage Honda Dio & other scooters of lockdown violators  [Video]

This is not the first time that such an incident has happened in India. Much before lockdown, in April 2019, two cops in Chennai, Tamil Nadu destroyed a Honda Dio scooter that was parked on the road. When the owner of the scooter came out and talked to the cops, they continued hitting the scooter. Later the cops claimed that the youth was carrying an illegal substance.

Nonetheless, the police have all the right to force the rules on the citizens but destroying personal property is illegal. It may put the cops in trouble if the person files a complaint against the cops but in India, such incidents often go unreported.

The police forces from various states have also seized lakhs of vehicles to enforce lockdown and to punish the violators. There are still thousands of vehicles lying with the cops and they have slowly started to release them after collecting fines from the violators. However, there are still many vehicles that remain unclaimed.

Currently, the government has allowed interstate-travel in certain safe zones of the country but the central government has left the decision to the state governments who will decide if they want to allow people from other states to enter their states.

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