Police fine bicycle rider for overspeeding & riding without a helmet [Video]

Police fine bicycle rider for overspeeding & riding without a helmet

There have been times in the past when the road users in India have been fined for peculiar things. One particular incident was the traffic police issuing a fine to a motorcycle rider for not wearing a seat belt. Here it comes again and it is much more shocking than the last one.

What happened here?

Kerala Police fined a man riding his bicycle in Kumbala Kerala. The person named Kasim is a resident of UP and is a daily wage worker in Kerala. He was pulled up by the cops on the highway when he was riding to work. The cops present on the duty asked him to pay Rs. 2,000 fine for over-speeding on his bicycle. After a quarrel, the cops issued a fine for Rs. 500, who argued that he earns only Rs. 400 per day and it is unfair.

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The police officers on the spot issued a challan to the worker and even wrote a vehicle registration number on it. The registration number turns out to be a scooter registration belonging to a woman. The incident came into light after someone uploaded the video of Kasim telling his ordeal with the fine. He can be heard saying that the cops see him daily and this is the first time that they stopped him and fined him on the spot.

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Apart from overspeeding, the cops also fined him for not wearing a helmet. Allegedly, the tyre of the bicycle was also punctured after he refused to pay the fine. After the video went viral, the Station Incharge (SI) has said that a probe will be launched on the matter and strict action will be taken on the guilty police officers.

Cycle need license?

Bicycles do not fall under the Motor Vehicle Act in India and do not need any kind of license to operate. Any person of any age can ride a bicycle on the public roads without a valid driving license. Even motorised electric scooters do not require licence up to a certain power rating.

It is possible that the cops could not stop the person on the scooter whose registration number is mentioned on the challan and forcefully took money from Kasim to recover the fine. The motive behind the incident is not clear but we hope that the inquiry set up by the police will throw more light on the matter.



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