Cops force biker into institutional quarantine for breaking curfew rules

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India has created a scenario of chaos. While there is no national lockdown this time around, the state governments and local authorities are taking strict action to reduce the spread of the virus. Many worst-affected states have even announced curfews and partial lockdowns to ensure that people do not come out of the houses and spread the virus further. To enforce the lockdown rules, the police are doing their bit too. To teach a “lesson” to the violators, the cops are taking unique steps.

This video is from Jodhpur, Rajasthan where the government has issued a red alert due to the spread of the COVID-19. The new rules allow the essential shops to remain open for a few hours. However, no citizen is allowed to come out of the home without a valid reason. While the police teams deployed to stop the violators and issue a challan to them, this team is doing something unique.

The video shows a team of a police officer on the public road waiting for violators to pass through. As soon as they spot a biker, they rush towards him. While the biker escapes the cops for the first time, they get a hold of the biker on the second attempt.

The video shows several police officers forcefully taking the law violator on the bike to an ambulance, which was parked in the vicinity. They force him inside the ambulance as he tries his best to get out and escape. The violator even tries to get out of the window but fails to do so.

Institutional quarantine mandatory for the violators

Cops force biker into institutional quarantine for breaking curfew rules

Under the new set of rules made by the government, anyone who is caught during the curfew hours will have to spend time in institutional quarantine set-up by the authorities. An RT-PCR test will be done on these individuals and they will be allowed to go only if the test comes negative.

We are not sure if the cops will take the violators to the institutional facility in a similar way shown in the video above.  We are also not sure if this violator will be admitted for quarantine. The cops said that they were issuing challans earlier but most people do not listen so they are taking new steps against the violators.

It sure looks like a scary situation where a team of cops trap you and forcefully take you inside an ambulance. However, this may be the only way to make a few people understand the gravity of the situation and why coming out of the home without a reason can be dangerous. This way of scaring people may work but it can be dangerous as well during these times of highly infectious COVID-19.

Many states have started issuing local passes for the people who need to go out in case of an emergency. However, all other people need to stay inside the homes till the spread is under control.