Cop in ‘tinted’ Hyundai Accent forced to pay fine by angry citizens: Vehicle now SEIZED

The new amended MV Act has created a lot of drama on the roads across India. While cops from various states are not holding back from issuing heavy challans to the errant motorists, the angry citizens the reciprocating the actions too. There have been quite a few incidents of the people stopping cops travelling in cars and motorcycles without seatbelt or helmet and recording video. In a few incidents, the cops and government officials have been fined after the videos became viral on the Internet. Here comes yet another incident and this time, it is from Delhi.

A video is going viral on the Internet showing a group of people confronting a cop about his vehicle. The video shows a few traffic police personnel in Delhi and a white car with tinted windows. The video further shows that a police officer in uniform denying that the car shown in the video belongs to him. However, the group keeps on pressing on the fact that the vehicle belongs to the cop and he should pay the fine for flouting norms.

There is another traffic police officer who is trying to calm down the situation. However, the angry group of people do not budge. They even ask the Registration Certificate, Insurance, Driving License and Pollution Under Control certificate from the cop who keeps on denying that the vehicle belongs to him. After a few minutes of the altercation, the other traffic police officers present at the location ask the people to check the documents on the Point Of Service (POS) machine, which is used to issue the fines. This device can also fetch details from the official databases. However, the people do not agree to it and ask the cops to issue a fine.

Cop in ‘tinted’ Hyundai Accent forced to pay fine by angry citizens: Vehicle now SEIZED

The incident which happened outside Tis Hazari court in Model Town saw a lot of traffic cops coming to the location trying to calm down the cops. However, in the end, the cops issue a fine to the police officer and show it to the people present at the location.

Joint commissioner of police (traffic) Narendra Singh Bundela said that the traffic constable has been identified as Vishal Dabas. He is currently posted at the Sabzi Mandi traffic circle. After investigation, the cops found four violations – driving without insurance, defective number plate, driving without a PUC and having tinted windows. It is not known if the cop was able to show the driving license to the people. The car of the errant police officer has now been seized and he has been given a court date where he will have to be present for the hearing.

It should be noted that the new MV Act imposes a double fine on the police officers and government officials. The same was intimidated by the Delhi Traffic Police department earlier this month too. However, it is not known if Vishal Dabas, the traffic police officer will have to pay the double fine. The court will decide that when the hearing happens.

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