Police inspector stops collector’s car for ILLEGAL beacon: Collector abuses cop & escapes fine

The government made use of beacons and sirens on every car other than the emergency vehicles illegal a few years back. However, there are still many who use them on their official as well as private cars. Since most of these lawbreakers hold influential positions in the authorities, the cops overlook the illegal use of the beacon. However, a Police Sub-Inspector (PSI) from Hingoli, Maharashtra took action against a deputy collector for using a beacon on his private car. A total of 1.95 lakh PSIs from all over Maharashtra are now giving him support after the Deputy Collector took action against the Inspector for stopping his car.

Police inspector stops collector’s car for ILLEGAL beacon: Collector abuses cop & escapes fine

On June 13, Sainath Anmod, who was on COVID-19 duty stopped the deputy collector’s car after he spotted a red beacon on it. The car used by the deputy collector was a Mahindra XUV300. The PSI stopped the car at Indira Chowk at 11:50 AM and told the person travelling in it that it is illegal to use beacon on a private car. However, the person in the car turned out to be a deputy collector and told the PSI that he should not teach him the law. The person was in his shorts and casual clothes at the time. The police personnel seized the car and took the person to the police station.

The person in the car was identified as Chandrakant Suryawanshi, Deputy Collector of Hingoli, Maharashtra. The deputy collector abused the Anmod in front of his senior officials. One of the seniors also allowed the deputy collector to leave the police station without paying any fine. Anmod later wrote a letter to the police department asking for action against RDC for using a beacon on the private vehicle without any valid reason and for hurling abuses at him in front of his seniors. Anmod is currently getting support of close to 2 lakh PSIs across Maharashtra.

PSI Anmod told Mid-Day,

I was on duty at Indira Chowk in Hingoli at 11.50 am. I stopped a private vehicle with the number MH-24-AS-7223 using a red beacon. The person in the vehicle was wearing shorts and I told him that it’s illegal to use a beacon on a private vehicle. The person told me that he is the deputy collector and to not teach him law. I told him that I will register a complaint and seize his car. He was later identified as Hingoli Deputy Collector Chandrakant Suryawanshi. After I took him to the police station, he threatened and abused me in front of a senior officer. The senior officer told me to let him take the car without any fine. I was helpless.

Superintendent of Police of Hingoli, Yogesh Kumar said that they are conducting a high-level enquiry. Concerned police officers have been asked to take action after the problem. The RTO may also take action against the deputy collector and impose a hefty fine for using a beacon on the private vehicle.