Cop stops KTM Adventure 390 rider, asks him to chase & catch a bus: Here’s why

Often we see videos of the cops stopping motorcycle riders and accuse them of racing on the highways. Well, there are times when a cop can stop you to help others too. Here is a heartwarming video from the southern part of India that shows a policeman stopping a biker for a different reason. Here is what happened.

The video by AnnyArun is recorded using the helmet-mounted camera of the rider. The incident happened between Tenkasi and Puducherry on NH38. The video shows that a cop stopping the biker and asking him if he is going to Karnataka.

When the biker said yes, the cop told him that there is a government bus that left from here a few minutes ago. He also pointed to the other government buses to show him what that bus looks like. The cops told the biker that a lady dropped a bottle of medicine from that bus. The police officer asked the biker to catch up to the bus and hand over the medicine to the woman.

The video shows the biker leaving from the spot and riding at full speed to catch the bus. When he spots the bus, he waves at the driver and asks him to stop. He hands over the bottle to a woman sitting inside the bus and told her that someone had dropped it a few kilometres back.

The bus leaves from the spot and the driver waves back to the biker for his good gesture. It sure is a heartwarming video that shows only a little help can make this world a happier place.

Not all policemen are the same

Cop stops KTM Adventure 390 rider, asks him to chase & catch a bus: Here’s why

While we agree that most policemen that we face in our lives are not the best ones to talk to. However, there are many others who are helpful and use their powers to make people’s lives much better and happier. Since we do not get to know who behaves good or bad before talking to them, it is always a good idea to be respectful of every policeman. Yes, there are cops who will bring in absurd laws to stop you from riding on a highway or a road and then there are such cops who will help you in any way they can.

These are the reasons that you should always stop when a policeman waves you down. There are times when the motorists have made a run from the policemen and those times do not end well for anyone. In the past, such incidents have lead to even bigger barricades and even restrictions on motorists.

We did a story of a policeman who stopped a group of bikers out on a weekend ride. The cop did not allow them to ride on the highway despite the fact that there is no such rule and he forced the bikers to go away from the place. Bikers who use riding gears or ride high-end bikes are almost always the targets by the cops.