Police Mahindra Thar vs Stray Bull on the road: Crazy FIGHT [Video]

Stray cattle on Indian roads is the most common sight in India. This video from the Jamui district of Bihar shows a stray bull using its strength against a police vehicle. Who wins? Let’s find out.

Stray cattle vs Mahindra Thar

The video comes from Bihar where a stray bull can be seen using its force against an official police Mahindra Thar. At first, the video shows the bull’s encounter with the Mahindra Thar in a crowded market. The bull uses all its force on the Thar’s fender and it can be seen that the SUV moves back a bit. It is probably the cops taking the Mahindra Thar in reverse to ensure that the stray animal does not get hurt.

The vehicle manages to go forward but the bull does not stop bullying the Thar. Even after the vehicle reaches in front of the police station, the bull continues to push against the fender of the Mahindra Thar. It is not known if any action of the Mahindra Thar or someone else in the crowd sparked the behaviour of the stray animal. It is quite possible that the animal started behaving that way on its own.

Bull Vs Cop Thar

There have been numerous cattle attacks on road users in the past and some of them have turned out quite badly. A CCTV footage that became viral sometime back showed a stray cow attacking a biker on the road and injuring him seriously. Nothing can be seen in the camera that could have sparked the attack by the cow in that video. Stray animals can be unpredictable and it is important to be safe and keep a distance from them on the roads.

Here are a few tips that can keep you safe on the road

  1. Slow down when you see a stray animal on the road. They can be unpredictable and move in any direction.
  2. Slow down while crossing cities at night. Stray animals are often difficult to spot in dark and can cause massive accidents.
  3. Always use the horn to alert the animal in front of you, most of the animals respond to the sound better than headlamps.