Watch this Police Maruti Gypsy get beautifully restored on video

Maruti Gypsy is a very popular SUV among car lovers. Maruti has officially discontinued Gypsy due to new safety and emission norms but, there still are number of well maintained and modified examples of this SUV in the country. It is a capable off-roader and is very commonly spotted in off-road and rally events. Just like Mahindra Thar, the Maruti Gypsy also has a huge fan base and here we have couple of videos that shows how an Maruti Gypsy used in Police force is beautifully restored.

The videos have been uploaded by BYC Jammu Official on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing what the Gypsy looked like when it was brought in. This Gypsy according to the video is a 2002 model that was used by Police and was sold via an auction. The amount of work that went into this project was immense and the same was reflecting in the finished product. The video starts by removing all the parts.

The front panels, doors, soft top, seats, dashboard everything was taken down and all the dents on the SUV were removed using fillers. The whole surface was sandpapered and the body was repainted. There was a small area on the floor where there was little bit rust. BYC removed that portion and replaced it with a new piece of metal sheet.

After the chassis was detached from the body and was taken out for repainting. Similarly the engine and the 4×4 transfer case was also cleaned and installed back. After painting the chassis, the underbody of the car was also painted including the engine bay. Once that was done, the chassis was brought back and was attached back with the body.

Then, parts like doors, glass, windows and hood were installed including the soft top. The seating layout was not changed. The rear passenger still get side facing bench seats. The dashboard was installed and the car was taken out for a test run to find out whether everything is working fine or not. The engine according to the vlogger felt even more smoother and was super silent too.

Watch this Police Maruti Gypsy get beautifully restored on video

The customer was very happy with the car and even says that it looks like the car has rolled out of the production line. No modifications are done to the car and the car is restored to its original look. It took BYC approximately 7 months to finish this project. Main reason behind this delay was the nationwide lockdown. If the lockdown was not there then, the project could have been finished in 3-4 months.

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