Police officer puts salt in KTM RC 200 fuel tank, now suspended!

The traffic police force and the bike riders in India do not have a peaceful history. In yet another incident that is being reported from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, a police officer emptied salt water into the tank of a brand-new KTM RC200. Here’s what happened.

Salt in fuel tank

The incident took place near Museum Road police station. The KTM RC 200 is brand new and was yet to get the registration number. The owner of the motorcycle got the delivery on Thursday and had done only 60+ km on the motorcycle.

The owner was on his way to get the registration when he was stopped by an Assistant Sub-Inspecter on the Museum road on the pretext of speeding but the as per the rider, he was well below the speed limit.

The owner of the motorcycle called his friends to the spot, and they started discussing the matter with the Sub-Inspecter of the police station. After some discussions, the SI asked the ASI to let go of the motorcycle. In the meanwhile, a few eyewitnesses present at the location saw the same ASI pouring salt water in the fuel tank.

After the allegations, a big crowd gathered at the spot and demanded an explanation. The Sub-Inspector has promised to investigate the matter. 24 hours later, the ASI was suspended.

There have been numerous incidents where cops target bikers on the highways and city roads. Police especially target bikers who are in their riding gear and riding in group or solo. Here are a few a steps that can probably prevent such incidents.

  • Slow down; cops do not become aggressive if you slow down while approaching a check post.
  • If the cop takes out the key from the motorcycle, immediately pull the clutch. It will keep your motorcycle in motion.
  • Park on the side of the road while showing the documents.
  • Always know to rules of showing documents. For example, no one below Sub Inspector can check your documents or challan you more than Rs. 100.
  • Moreover, cops cannot stop you to check documents as a Supreme Court order has asked them to refrain from doing so. You can show the cops the Supreme Court order in case you get flagged down.
Shantonil Nag

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