Police seize 51 aftermarket silencers & crush them using a Roadroller

The incident took place at the district of Manipal, Karnataka where Udipi police destroyed 51 silencers by crushing them with a road roller. The police team conducted a special drive to identify the silencers that were causing sound pollution. The police took the step publically so that a clear message could be sent to the violators. The police booked 51 cases and collected a fine of Rs. 25,500 as a fine in the month of January 2021. Superintendent of police N Vishnuvardhan said that his team will further extend this drive to the rest of district to put an end to such kind of silencers. There is also a video that was uploaded on YouTube by in which we can see how the road roller is crushing over the silencers publically.

The Motor Vehicle act permits a maximum sound range of 80 to 91 decibel. The two-wheelers can permit a max sound of 80 decibels whereas the passenger and commercial vehicles with a gross weight above 12,000 kgs can produce 91 decibels. Police said that the silencers that are modified and are involved in producing more sound than the permissible limit are punishable under section 52 and 190(2) of the Motor Vehicle Act with a fine ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 2000.

All of this started with Superintendent N Vishnuvardhan getting tons of complaints of youths going around the town with their modified silencers disturbing the peace and harmony of the town, especially on the weekends. Due to this, he decided to carry out a special drive to identify such vehicles that were causing excessive noise and sound pollution. Then they took the steps publically to destroy the silencers so that the violators get a clear message.

Police seize 51 aftermarket silencers & crush them using a Roadroller

SP N Vishnuvardhan said, “Udupi district police department has been observing a month-long road safety awareness drive with the motto ‘Sadak Suraksha-Jeevan Raksha’. Prominently aimed to save lives by preventing the violation of traffic rules. We have been receiving multiple complaints by residents in the Manipal area against motorcyclists who have installed modified silencers on their two-wheelers. A month-long special drive was conducted from January 1 to 31 in this regard.”

He added “As many as 51 cases were booked for the violation of road norms. The police removed more than 50 modified silencers and penalized the owners of the two-wheelers. Motorcycles and scooters are only permitted to produce a sound not higher than 80 decibels. More than Rs 25,000 in fines were also collected from violators. Such kind of altered silencers is a nuisance to senior citizens, pregnant women, sick people and kids, especially during the night. There are also hospitals situated near NH 169A, so on receiving complaints from the public, the department took necessary action. Rather than dumping the silencers, we got them crushed so that they will not be reused by people at garages. We will continue to carry out such drives to curb violations of road norms,” This is not the first time that police has destroyed the silencers. It is important to note that such kind of modifications or silencers is not illegal. But you cannot use such modified vehicles on the public roads because the exhaust exceeds the noise limit set by the authorities, it can be seized or destroyed.