Maharashtra police to seize vehicle & driving license of COVID-19 night curfew violators

With the number of COVID-19 cases rising again in India, the authorities have started taking strict action against the violators, just like last year. In Pune, Maharashtra, the Municipal Corporation has decided to shut down all kinds of services except for the emergency services in the last two days. To make the citizens adhere to the new norm, the authorities have imposed a strict 6 pm to 7 am curfew across the city.

Maharashtra police to seize vehicle & driving license of COVID-19 night curfew violators

After imposing the new lockdown strictly from 6th April onwards, the Joint Commissioner of Police – Ravindra Shisve informed that the cops of the city are taking every measure to make people follow the rules. The team of police first made the people aware of the lockdown before imposing it on 6th April. No one is allowed to leave home without a valid reason between these 13 hours.

While the establishments have started shutting down at 6 PM, the cops have informed that no one coming back from work will be stopped and questioned. However, in the past two days, the cops faced a lot of commuters who are not residents of Pune.

There were many who were relatives helping taking patients to hospitals, commuters from the airport, railway station, and people visiting doctors too. Such people with a valid reason to come out of their homes were not questioned.

Police action against others

Pune Police has started seizing the driving license and the vehicle from anyone who did not have a valid reason to come out of their homes. The police are currently collecting them but they have not revealed the course of action against the violators.

A police officer said to Punekar News,

“We are putting checkpoints at 96 places across the city. We will take strict action against people who will roam around in the city without any valid reason. People will no longer have to go out as the municipal corporation has decided to close all types of shops, except essential services. Therefore, a strict curfew will be enforced from 6 pm to 7 am. People violating the curfew without any reason will be charged under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC),”

The police have collected more than Rs 13.5 crore in fines from the violators till now. The fine is collected from numerous people breaking the curfew rules. The cops collected a total of Rs 4.82 lakh from 814 people who were walking around on the public road without a mask. Till now, the cops have issued challans to 2,78 lakh people in the city collecting a total of Rs 13.5 crore.

In a similar action last year, when the cases were on the rise and the whole country was under a lockdown, the cops seized several thousand vehicles. However, after the lockdown was lifted, the cops released the vehicles after verifying the documents and collecting a fine from such people. We can expect a similar action against the violators even this time.