Police stop Benelli TNT300 but DON’T ask for papers: What’s happening here [Video]

The police forces of various states give special attention to bike riders. A recent incident shows cops stopping a Benelli TNT 300 on the road to check it out. Here is a video that shows how cops are intrigued by the powerful bike.

What is happening here?

The video shows a Benelli TNT 300 on the National Highway that connects Delhi to Srinagar. The biker was on his way to Delhi when he was flagged down by cops at a checkpoint set-up on the main highway. After the bikers stopped, cops surrounded the bike and started asking questions about it.

The cops asked about the price of the machine. To which, the rider said it is priced at Rs. 4 lakhs. The rider also explained how the bike is very powerful and can be used for long-distance riding. The rider then said that it gets a twin-cylinder engine. All the cops present at the check post converged on the bike and admired it for its big dimensions. The rider told them that he was on his way to Delhi to get his motorcycle serviced and he is planning to take it to Ladakh too. Cops also asked him if he races with the bike and how much fuel efficiency it returns.

The cops were already issuing a challan to another bike for having irregular number plates. However, they did not check any papers of the Benelli owner and were purely interested in the bike itself. They let the biker duo go away without asking for any documents.

The Benelli TNT 300 is one of the most affordable twin-cylinder bikes available in the Indian market. As such bikes are quite rare on the roads, cops generally become inquisitive and ask questions. There have been many instances where bikers riding on Adventure bikes and other high-end bikes get stopped by the cops on highways. Most of such cops ask about the bike and let them go.

As it seems, all the cops do not fit the stereotype and some of them can be genuinely interested in the rides. However, it is always important to keep all the documents in place and wear safety gear while riding a bike. The Benelli TNT 300 is powered by a 300-cc, twin-cylinder engine that generates a maximum of 37.73 Bhp and 26.5 Nm. It gets 6-speed transmission and carries a sticker price of Rs. 3.83 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi.