Policemen disguised as beggar, godman destroy aftermarket exhausts [Video]

Cops Hammering Modified Exhausts Featured

Rash riding and aftermarket exhausts have become a major nuisance across many Indian cities. Bhayander Police division of Maharashtra Police has adopted a unique strategy to catch such troublemakers red-handed on the roads. Here is a video that shows police catching a scooter with aftermarket exhaust and destroying it on the spot.

Police hammering aftermarket exhaust

According to the cops, there are numerous two-wheeler riders on the streets who flout rules by riding rashly in an erratic way and use aftermarket exhausts that create noise pollution. To catch riders, the cops get into disguise and dress like beggars, saints and common men to get blend in the crowd easily. The team then waits at different traffic signals to catch the culprits.

As seen in the video by HP Live, two different two-wheelers can be seen riding very rashly on the public roads creating a nuisance. The footage has been taken from cameras mounted on the cop cars, and CCTV footage from the traffic signals also show both the two-wheelers getting past two police officers and also do not stop when the cops in uniform flag them down. At a traffic signal, a policeman disguised in plain clothes stop both the vehicles, show them a placard saying that they are cops then they take out the keys so that the riders cannot run away.

The video later shows how the cops ask the riders to get down from the vehicles. The police make the scooter lie down and use a hammer to destroy the aftermarket exhaust. It can be seen that multiple blows of the hammer wreck the aftermarket silencer. It is not known if the cops also slap a fine on such motorists who flout the rules.

The decision of using cops under disguise and on-spot destruction of aftermarket exhausts was taken by the top officials of the police division. The police first tried issuing challans and fines to such riders, but according to the cops, the number such motorists remained unaffected on the roads. Destroying the exhausts of such bikes and scooters ensures that such illegal exhausts are not used in the streets at all.

Till now, the special team in disguise has been working on the traffic signals to catch such riders, and around 50-55 two-wheelers with aftermarket exhausts have been picked. All the bikes and scooters caught on the spot were given the same treatment seen in the video.

Policemen disguised as beggar, godman destroy aftermarket exhausts [Video]

The legal limit of the sound from homologated two-wheelers is set at 84 decibels. However, most aftermarket exhausts are made in a way to amplify the exhaust note and create a much higher exhaust note, which is much higher than the legal limit. Such aftermarket silencers are not road legal but can be used in private properties like race tracks. Many aftermarket exhaust systems increase the performance of the vehicles by allowing exhaust gases to flow freely through the system, which creates a higher noise. However, many affordable aftermarket silencers do not add on to the performance and are strictly limited to make the vehicle sound louder.

It should be noted that the cops do not use decibel meters to check the exhaust note of such vehicles. They are purely caught on the basis of being aftermarket and the ability of the cops to identify the level of sound from the two-wheelers. Nonetheless, such modified motorcycles and scooters create a major nuisance on the roads and in the past cops from various states have adopted the method of destroying such aftermarket silencers on the spot.