Political leader on motorcycle fined Rs 11,000 for not wearing helmet, mask

Even though the second wave of the COVID-19 is settling down in many states in India, the local authorities are keeping the lockdown rules to ensure that the number of cases does not bounce back. With the cops out on the roads to keep an eye on the movement of the public on the roads, thousands of vehicles are getting seized every other day. But that is not stopping many from coming out of their homes without a mask.

The video shows a person on a motorcycle who introduces himself as a political leader. In the video, the cops stop the person on the bike and he immediately starts telling the personnel at the spot that he is a political leader. However, the cops present at the checkpoint did not listen to the person.

The cops present at the spot issued a challan of Rs 11,000 to the offender. The bike did not have a valid registration number. The registration plate was broken and only four digits were there. The cops also issued a challan for not wearing a helmet. So the total cost of the challan of the motorcycle was Rs 10,000. The senior officer present at the spot also issued an additional Rs 1,000 challan to the person because he was not wearing a mask.

The person on the motorcycle did try to convince the cop by wrapping a cloth around his face but the senior police officer said that there is no need to do such things and he needs to pay for the challan. They also took away the keys of the motorcycle from him.

Cops are taking strict action

Political leader on motorcycle fined Rs 11,000 for not wearing helmet, mask

The exact location of this incident remains unknown. However, the cops across the country have become highly vigilant and are trying to stop anyone who is coming out of the homes without a valid reason. In places like Rajasthan, the cops have started sending curfew violators to institutional quarantine. It is done to ensure that most people without a valid reason do not come out of the homes.

Under the new set of rules made by the government, anyone who is caught during the curfew hours will have to spend time in institutional quarantine set-up by the authorities. An RT-PCR test will be done on these individuals and they will be allowed to go only if the test comes negative.

We are not sure if the cops will take the violators to the institutional facility in a similar way shown in the video above.  We are also not sure if this violator will be admitted for quarantine. The cops said that they were issuing challans earlier but most people do not listen so they are taking new steps against the violators.

It sure looks like a scary situation where a team of cops trap you and forcefully take you inside an ambulance. However, this may be the only way to make a few people understand the gravity of the situation and why coming out of the home without a reason can be dangerous. This way of scaring people may work but it can be dangerous as well during these times of highly infectious COVID-19.