Politician BUSTED for defying Corona Virus lockdown [Video]

we are all aware about the fact that our country is going through a complete lockdown due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Government has announced a complete lockdown for a 21 days to contain the spread of this virus. In this lockdown, government authorities have asked people to stay at their homes to not minimise the risk and has asked people to maintain social distancing. Schools, offices and shopping malls, all have been asked to close down except for the essential services. Public transport across the country like Metro have been completely stopped and buses, trains and flight services have also been suspended. In this lockdown people are asked to stay at at home and should not get out until and unless some emergency comes up. Here we have a video report from Kerala where a local politician got busted for defying the Corona virus lockdown.

The incident has been reported and uploaded by Mathrubhumi News on their youtube channel. Kerala is one of those states that is worst affected by this Corona virus and state has taken strict measures to keep the situation under control. Police officers are doing frequent checks on the streets to make sure that no one is coming out of their houses and they have also been instructed to take legal action against those who unnecessarily come out.

According to the report, the incident happened in Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram where as part of the Police checking Students Federation of India (SFI) district Secretary was caught riding a scooter without helmet and speaking to someone on the mobile phone while riding. Police stopped him and asked him why he was out. As he failed to give a proper answer police officers immediately took the politician with them and filed a case for defying the lockdown, speaking on mobile while riding a two wheeler without wearing a helmet.

Corona Virus Politician Busted

Similar incidents have been reported on different part of the state and Police is doing their best to keep people from coming out. As responsible citizens of this country. Everyone must understand that the lockdown is for our own good and one must try to remain in their own place. If one has to go out due to some emergency, then make sure that you are following all the rules like wearing a helmet or seatbelt and do not forget about social distancing too. Wear a mask while going out for groceries and other essentials.

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