Politician: You won’t have to pay vehicle fines if you vote for me [Video]

Politicians are known to make promises that the beyond belief before the elections. In India, making promises to rake in votes is a common practice and many politicians can be seen on the stages asking for votes before the elections. Many of these statements and promises are kept by the elected person too. A politician from Haryana has made a similar promise just before the elections and here is the video of the statement that he made on the stage in front of a gathering.

The Harayana Assembly elections are around the corner and the politicians are trying their last bit of effort to ensure that they win. Dudaram Bishnoi, a candidate of the ruling party BJP has made a promise that will stun many. The politician was addressing a gathering and he said that if he wins the assembly polls and becomes a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), he will make sure that no challan is issued to the people by the authorities. In the video, he can be heard saying on the video,

You will elect me as your MLA from this constituency. It’s about drugs abuse, it’s about education, the authorities who issue challan to the motorcycle riders- all these small problems would end automatically when your brother or son will become an MLA,

It should be noted that a large percentage of motorists is opposing the new amended MV Act, which was implemented across India on 1st September 2019. The new rule has significantly raised the fine amount of motorists. Interestingly, the Motor Vehicle Act amendment was done in the parliament after BJP came into the second term in India. The amendment was one of the quickest laws to pass in the lower and the upper houses of the parliament.

Politician: You won’t have to pay vehicle fines if you vote for me [Video]

Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister, who worked to pass the new laws said that the new rules will help in reducing the number of accidents on the roads. It should be noted that the Indian roads see a high number of accidents each year and the country is regarded as one of the most dangerous in the world when it comes to road safety. Lakhs of accidents are reported every year in the country. The new laws, that has exponentially increased the fine amounts were passed to ensure that the motorists do not break the rules, which in turn, reduces the probability of accidents on the roads.

Many states in India have, however, opposed to the new laws citing that the increased fine amounts will also cause corruption to rise. Even states like Gujarat and Rajasthan have not implemented the new laws and are now working on a new set of laws that will be implemented soon. If Dudaram Bishnoi wins the elections, we are not sure how he will keep his promises but it sure will be an interesting step.