Politician pulls out gun to clear traffic: Gets roughed up by citizens [Video]

A BJP politician who travelling on the road was roughed up by the public after he took out a gun and waved it on the road. According to the video, the politician got stuck in a long traffic jam and in a bid to remove the jam and get out of it, he waved the gun. However, the public surrounded him quickly and roughed him up badly.

The video comes from Pilibhit where a traffic snarl caused a huge jam on the highway. The politician who was stuck in the jam in his private car decided to clear the jam by waving his gun in the air. The motorists nearby felt threatened and they roughed him up. The video shows that the politician is trying to get back into his car but the locals got a hold of him and asked him why was he waving the gun. After some time, the politician was let go.

According to the local cops, the politician was stuck in the road for some time and to get ahead in the traffic he waved the gun. The cop has also said on the camera that they have done an investigation and the politician has been booked under relevant sections. However, the exact sections under which the cops have registered the case is not known.

Politician pulls out gun to clear traffic: Gets roughed up by citizens [Video]

Intimidating in the traffic to get ahead is not an uncommon thing in India. To show authority on the road, many use hooters, sirens, flashers and fake police stickers on their vehicles. However, the hooter and the sirens have been banned for use in India and even politicians and VIPs are not allowed to use it. Only emergency vehicles like ambulances and the fire trucks are allowed the use the sirens and flashers. Cops in recent times have done special drives to catch culprits with such hooters and sires installed in their vehicles.

Also, many state governments have now started banning displaying any sticker on the vehicle that mentions their post or cast on the vehicle. This ensures that no one takes advantage of their position in the government. However, there are still many who continue to intimidate others on the roads to get ahead in the traffic.

It is not said in the video if the gun held by the politician is a licensed gun. If not, the politician can be booked under stringent laws and can be even sent to jail. Waving a gun or any other weapon in public is a serious offence and strict action should be taken against the culprit. With the video proof in hand, the cops are expected to take action against the politician in the coming weeks.