Politician abuses, kicks cop when asked for e-pass for traveling during COVID-19 [Video]

Due to the increased number of cases of COVID-19, several states have re-imposed the lockdown to reduce the spread. Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is one of the worst affected cities in India and the state government has strictly imposed new rules of lockdown. Recently, Chennai police seized thousands of vehicles in a single and even seized the car of the ex-Indian cricketer Robin Singh. When the cops faced an ex-Member of Parliament and tried enforcing the lockdown rules, he abused and even kicked a police officer. Here is the video.

The video has become viral now and shows the former MP losing his cool after being asked about the mandatory pass. After spotting the vehicle for the MP from Dharmapuri and AIADMK member K Arjunan, the cops flagged it stop for regular checking. The incident happened at a toll plaza on the Salem-Bengaluru National Highway near Kaurppur on Sunday night.

The politician was returning from his farm near Omalur when the police personnel on duty asked the car to stop and show the mandatory e-pass for entering the city. Irked by the questions and demand for the e-pass, Arjunan started arguing with the cops on the road.

Politician abuses, kicks cop when asked for e-pass for traveling during COVID-19 [Video]

Salem deputy commissioner of police said that the ex-MP started abusing the policemen on the spot but the was not let go. The politician then shouted, pushed and kicked the policemen on the spot. The motorists on the spot pacified the cops and the politician and after the argument stretched over an hour, the politician left from the spot for his home. No case has been filed till now.

It should be noted that an e-pass is now mandatory to travel between the cities in Tamil Nadu. The government of the state announced the new rules on 15th June and also a complete lockdown fo four districts – Chennai, Chengalpet, Kancheepuram and Thiruvullar from 19th June. These districts have the highest number of cases in the state and the lockdown will bring down the spread of the virus. The current lockdown rule is valid till 30th June and it may extend depending on the situation.

The police officials have said that they have ordered an inquiry on the matter and depending on the outcome, necessary action will be taken against the politician.

The Chennai Police has started seizing the vehicles of the violators and more than 7,000 vehicles were seized on the first day of the new lockdown. The motorists are required to produce an e-pass, which is issued by the relevant authority to travel in a vehicle. It should be noted that even Mumbai has imposed similar lockdown and people cannot take the vehicle out of a 2 km radius of their home.