Politician when asked about high fuel prices: Go to Afghanistan, petrol is Rs. 50/liter there

Rising fuel prices have been an issue in the country for some time. Almost every major city in India has touched triple digits or are about to touch Rs 100 mark for a litre of petrol. Price of diesel has also been increased and the difference between petrol and diesel is not much. In international market, price for crude oil is stable but, higher tax collection on fuel has increased the price of fuel in India. When asked about this, one of the leaders from Bharatiya Janata Party had a very unique response to it. He said the people who want cheaper petrol can go to Taliban ruled Afghanistan.

A video of him making this statement is circulating online. The video shared here has been uploaded by MOJO STORY on their YouTube channel. Ramratan Payal, who is Bharatiya Janata Party’s district unit chief in Madhya Pradesh’s Katni has made this statement. The leader was addressing the media after a tree plantation drive organised by BJP’s Youth Wing Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha on Wednesday.

While addressing the media about the importance of planting more trees, one of the reporters asked Ramratan Payal about the inflation to which his immediate response was to Go to Afghanistan. The video showing BJP leader’s response has already gone viral on the internet. Ramratan Payal said, “Take it from the Taliban. Petrol is 50 per litre in Afghanistan, but there’s no one to use it. Go and get your refill from there.”

Politician when asked about high fuel prices: Go to Afghanistan, petrol is Rs. 50/liter there

The leader also tried to suppress the question by adding that At least there is safety in India. When reporter kept on asking about inflation, Ramratan diverted the whole question towards current Covid-19 issue. He said, “A third wave of the coronavirus is likely to hit the country and you are talking about petrol. What crisis the country is going through (can’t you see).”

The irony of this statement was that while addressing the media, Ramratan Payal or any of his supporters who were standing behind him were not seen wearing a face mask. They were also maintaining social distance. Wearing a facial mask while in public places is one of the most important and basic requirement to stop the spread of Corona virus.

Ramratan Payal is not the first BJP leader in the country who had asked people to move to Afghanistan. BJP MLA from Bihar, Haribhushan Thakur had also asked people who felt any sort of fear in India to move to Taliban ruled Afghanistan. He also added that the petrol prices are cheaper in Afghanistan.  Haribhushan Thakur said, “It would not have any impact on India but those who feel scared here can go there… petrol and diesel are cheaper. Once there, they will understand the value of India.”

In another incident, Tamil Nadu government had announced that they will reducing the tax on petrol by Rs 3 to create an immediate economic impact. Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently ruled out any price cut for petrol or diesel in the country. The minister said it is no possibility to cut down the excise duty on fuel prices and blamed payments in lieu of past subsidised fuel prices by the previous governments.