Politician’s last wish was to get buried in his Mercedes Benz: Fulfilled! [Video]

Mercedes Benz Burial Featured

Politicians always make sure that they do something different so that they always remain in the spotlight, and sometimes they even manage to do this in death. A prominent South African leader, Tshekede Bufton Pitso, passed away earlier this month. And the pictures of his funeral are going viral on the internet, making him more famous than he ever was when alive.

The politician was once a very successful businessman and had an entire fleet of luxurious Mercedes-Benz cars. However, due to a financial crisis he had to sell all his cars and only had a used Mercedes Benz E500 left in his garage.

He loved his car and when he was alive he had informed that his last wish was to get buried inside his Mercedes-Benz. That wish of the politician was granted and was buried into the earth in his beloved Mercedes Benz instead of a conventional coffin.

Politician’s last wish was to get buried in his Mercedes Benz: Fulfilled! [Video]

According to Face2Face Africa, Tshekede Bufton Pitso was dressed up in a white suit and shirt and was seated on the driver’s side seat with hands on the steering wheel. He was seated in a way that it looked like as if he was driving the car. Even the seat belt has been put on. Reports suggest that the E500 he owned was a second hand 1990’s model car and it had broken down.

Even though the car was broken down he loved the car so much that he had a habit where he would simply walk around the car and sit inside, listening to the radio. This shows how much love he had for his cars. He had collapsed in his driveway when has walking towards his car earlier this month.

Politician’s last wish was to get buried in his Mercedes Benz: Fulfilled! [Video]


Even though there is a lock down going on in the country due to the Corona virus outbreak, many supporters had gathered at the burial spot to pay their last respects for the leader. However, many political leaders did not attend the funeral because of the Corona virus lock down. This not the first time that something like this has been reported in Africa. About 5 years ago, a Nigerian businessman had buried his mother in a Hummer SUV and a couple of years ago another businessman had buried his father in a brand new BMW X5. Clearly, a lot of people in this world love their cars so much that they want to be in them even when they go to an after-world.