Politician’s luxury SUV filled with diesel instead of petrol: What to do if this happens to you

It is not uncommon to hear about such news where people fill up wrong fuels in vehicles. It generally happens due to miscommunication, lack of knowledge or a bit of both. This time it happened because the petrol station attendant wasn’t attentive enough. So, he ended up filling diesel in a politician’s petrol engine SUV.

The car in question is the flagship Volvo XC90 Hybrid, which is powered by a 2.0-litre petrol engine and which produces 407 Bhp of power and 640 Nm of torque. The car also comes with a plug-in hybrid system and the MLA from Karnataka, Mohiuddin Bava, was reportedly the first owner of this variant, in India.

The mix up occurred when an inattentive gas station attendant poured diesel in the SUV’s tank instead of petrol. He may have thought that since the car is a big SUV, it must be powered by a diesel engine. However, it wasn’t and he was specifically reminded of that before he went ahead to fill the gas tank.

It was the MLA’s son, who went to the station to get the SUV filled. He said that he gave clear instructions to the gas station attendant but still, he got confused. Upon finding that the wrong fuel has been filled in the car’s gas tank, Bava sent the car to the service station for immediate repairs.

This is what Mohiudeen Bava said,

As I was in Bengaluru for the Assembly session, my son had taken the new car to the fuel station. Though my son had instructed him (the attendant) clearly to fill petrol, when my son went to pay, he found that the staff had filled diesel.

To the credit of the politician, he handled the situation very maturely. According to him, it is a human error and such errors are bound to happen.

Getting the wrong fuel filled in your vehicle is an unfortunate event and shouldn’t happen to anyone. But in case, if it does take place, here are the instructions on how to check it, in order to minimize the damage, provided you catch the error early.

The hint of petrol filled in a diesel car

It is a truly catastrophic situation because diesel engines are big and complicated. If petrol is poured in a diesel engine-powered vehicle, then you won’t see the difference immediately, but soon you will start seeing thick black smoke due to unburnt fuel. In the end, the car will lose all of its power and won’t start again.

The hint of diesel filled in a petrol car

In such a case, the fuel filter will clog up easily, because diesel is thicker than petrol. The car will start jerking and stalling, as a result of it. A lot of white smoke will start coming out of the exhaust, if diesel manages to reach the spark plug.

What to do when this happens?

If such an event happens, you need to make sure that you drain out all of the fuel. Never start your car in such a event and immediately call a mechanic to remove all the fuel from the tank. The rest of the fuel can be taken out through the main line. In case the wrong fuel reaches the engine, you will have to remove it too. Crank the motor, it will not start, but throw up the wrong fuel from the engine. Now fill the tank with the correct fuel, along with some additives, to wash away any remaining drop of the wrong fuel.

Parts like spark plugs and fuel filter will need a replacement in petrol engines. In a diesel engine, draining out the remaining engine fuel can be done by removing the plug at the bottom of the filter.