Polluting Audi Q5 discontinued from Indian market

Volkswagen Group is facing a lot of flak all over the world over polluting vehicles. Skoda, a brand under Volkswagen Group issued a recall a few days back for the rectifying the last generation Superb. Now it has emerged that Audi India has suspended the sale and production of the mid-size SUV, Q5 in India.

The suspension comes after emission level of the Q5 was found to be higher than the prescribed limited laid by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). Audi has confirmed that the level of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emitted from the vehicle was higher than the acceptable level of the Q5.

Audi India pinpointed the issue to the air being trapped into the coolant system and they have found a fix to the problem. Audi will rectify the problem by calibrating the software in the car after ARAI gives a go ahead to do the changes to the vehicle.


The German company has already stopped taking bookings and assembly of the Q5 in their Aurangabad plant. Interestingly, this issue of higher emission is not related to the Volkswagen emission scandal and it seems to be an independent system problem of Audi.

With the festive season just around the corner, the suspension will surely hurt Audi’s sales figure. The Q5 is one of the most popular Audi models in India. The non-availability of the Q5 will surely help to push the competition products like the BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLE, and Land Rover Discovery Sport.

There is nothing official about the return of the car to the market but Audi dealerships says that car would not return before early December after Audi is done with updating the vehicles to bring down the emissions. We may also see a recall to fix the vehicles sold with this problem in the future.