Check out the original ‘Knight Rider’ KITT car that talks, winks and shoots rockets [Video]

Knight Rider was an American action crime drama television series. It got originally aired on television from 1982 to 1986. One of the major attraction of this TV series was KITT, who was an artificially intelligent car that can talk and do stuff and was nearly indestructible. The show had a great fan base mainly because of the high tech car featured in it. There are many replicas of KITT around the world but here we have a Knight rider KITT car that looks very similar to the one that was seen on the TV show.

The video has been uploaded by Supercar Blondie on her Youtube channel. She is pretty stoked to see the car. The car looks just like the one featured in the series. The paint job, lights, body styling everything looks the same. The video starts by anchor talking to the car where it introduces itself and does a bit of chit chat using voice commands. This feature was originally there in the KITT in the series as well where it can easily talk to the David Hasselhoff who was the Knight rider.

On the outside the car has a sloping hood which gives it a sharp look and makes it look like a car that can go really fast because in the series KITT’s top speed was 300 miles per hour. Although in real life top speed is nowhere near that as the owner confirms in the video. he interiors look like something from a space ship with all the control panels and buttons of all sort with a space ship inspired steering wheel.

Check out the original ‘Knight Rider’ KITT car that talks, winks and shoots rockets [Video]

All the buttons on the panel are functional and produce different sounds like firing a gun, launching a rocket, Police siren which the owner never uses while on road and so on. Unlike some weirdly modified cars, the owner of the KITT tells that the car meets all the regulation and is absolutely road legal. The KITT car is actually based on Pontiac Firebird and gets a 5.0L V8 engine under the hood. The owner also confirms that the car has been completely restored with original parts. The anchor then takes the car out for a spin and it catches attention from lot of public as many of them have grown watching this series and this car brought back the memories. This car should immediately connect with those who have grown up watching the Knight Rider American TV series.