5 most popular car smartphone mounts/holders on Amazon

Smartphones are now an indispensable part of our lives, and we carry them everywhere. Add to this the fact that most of us spend considerable amounts of time in our cars, getting a suitable car smartphone mount becomes imperative. Googling ‘car smartphone mounts/holders’ throws up hundreds of results. Among these results, there are multiple types of car smartphone mounts/holders, adding to the confusion. We decided to make your life easier by picking out the 5 most popular car smartphone mounts/holders from India’s top online shopping site: Amazon. By popular, we mean smartphone mounts that have received ratings of 4 stars or more from over 1,000 verified buyers. Among the 5 smartphone mounts we picked, we took also care to ensure that no two mounts are similar, effectively giving you a lot of choice. From smartphone mounts that fit your car’s AC vents to ones that sit on your car’s dashboard, here are 5 great options you can pick and choose from. These options will suit multiple budgets.

Amkette iGrip Telescopic One Touch Dashboard & Windshield Car Mount 

The iGrip smartphone mount is built by well regarded accessory maker Amkette, and comes with multiple features. First of all, it can accommodate every smartphone in the market thanks to its expandable features; Yes, the side bars, locking mechanism and lock&release bars are expandable, and this allows you to fit virtually any smartphone you can lay your hands on. Moreover, the Amkette iGrip smartphone mount has a telescopic arm, which allows it to be placed closer or farther to you. The telescopic function also allows the mount to be angled. Other key features include a suction cup, which allows the mount to stick to the car’s dashboard or windshield, and silicon pads on the side bars to prevent damage to your smartphone.

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YOSH Universal Air Vent Magnetic Smartphone Car Mount

For those of you who want a non-intrusive, compact smartphone car mount, using the car’s AC vents for the same makes sense. Also, the air circulating through these vents will ensure that the smartphone will remain cool even during extended use for activities such as navigation and video recording. Check out the YOSH universal air vent magnetic smartphone car mount, which simply clamps onto your car’s AC vents.

Then you need to stick the metal surface that comes with the mount to your smartphone’s case. Once this is done, your smartphone will stick to the powerful magnetic surface of this mount. Overall, it’s a very simple and effective design. You get two smartphone mounts, which means that two phones can be placed on two AC vents of the car. You could club this purchase with a friend if you just want one.

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ZAAP (USA) Car Mobile Holder Magnetic Touch Two with 360 Degree Rotation 

The Zaap Smartphone Car Mount combines two technologies: Magnetism and Suction Cup, to give you a versatile mount. The Zaap Car Mount’s magnetic surface will stick to your smartphone while the suction cup will allow the mount to be mounted on multiple car surfaces: From your car’s windshield to the dashboard. The 360 degree rotation feature of this mount allows your smartphone to be rotated to your preferred position. The Zaap smartphone car mount is for those who frequently want to change the position of the mount.

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Portronics CLAMP X POR-926 Car-Vent Mobile Holder (Black)

The Portronics CLAMP X car vent smartphone holder is for those who want a sturdy mount that fits into the car’s AC vents. The CLAMP X has a n adjustable design that can fit smartphones with screens measuring upto 6 inches. It has a 360 degree rotate feature that allows the smartphone to be rotated to any angle you desire. Since it sits right in front of the air conditioning vent, the smartphone will be cool even while running demanding applications such as navigation and video recording.

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Tarkan Rubberized AC Vent Universal Car Mount Holder

The Tarkan Air Vent Car Mount Holder is for those who want a universal smartphone mount that fits virtually any car’s AC vent. And the best part about it is its affordability. The rubberized design for the holder ensures that your smartphone is not scuffed even on repeated use. It’s a lightweight design that can be used in the AC vents of all cars.

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