Porsche Boxster owner driving without mask punished with do sit-ups: Seeks police action on local guards [Video]

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, India is currently under a lockdown that is scheduled until 3rd May. However, the rules are relaxed for essential service providers and other such volunteers with valid lockdown pass from the government. Here is an incident from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, that is becoming viral on the Internet. A 20-year old youngster of a Porsche 718 Boxster was stopped by a Nagar Suraksha Samiti guard on the road and was made to do sit-ups.

The video that shows the driver, Sanskar Daryani doing sit-ups beside his bright yellow 718 Boxster has become viral on the internet. Son of the business tycoon Deepak Daryani, Sanskar released a video saying that he was coming back after distributing food packets to the poor in the vicinity. He had the necessary pass hung around his neck while driving the car and also had the driving license. He was stopped by a group of people from Nagar Suraksha Samiti and Sanskar tried explaining to them that he has all the necessary clearances to be out on the road. However, the group did not listen to him and started abusing him too. They cracked jokes on him and made him do sit-ups on the road for not wearing the face mask.

The video shows that Sanskar Daryani getting out of the car with the documents of his vehicle. He also showed the lockdown pass. A person in black security uniform holding a stick can be seen ordering him to do sit-ups. Sanskar followed the orders and did the same.

Father of Sanskar released a statement saying that the people from the council members stopped him illegally and made him do sit-ups. They should have instead informed the cops if his son was doing anything against the law. He has filed a police complaint against the civilians for enforcing laws on his son.

The Nagar Suraksha Samiti is made up of retired personnel from Army, paramilitary and police. The volunteers from the Suraksha Samiti are attached to the police officers and are stationed across the city for enforcing the laws.

Guru Prasad Prashar, ASP, Indore said to the media that the incident happened at the HDFC Chowk. There was an official checkpoint to ensure that no one strolls out on the road without a valid reason. They stop people who do not follow the rules and do not wear masks when they are out. That’s where he was stopped and made to do sit-ups. Guru Prasad also said that they the members of Nigam Suraksha Samiti have powers to made people do such things to punish them for not following the rules.

Porsche Boxster owner driving without mask punished with do sit-ups: Seeks police action on local guards [Video]

It should be noted that the authorities in many states have made face masks mandatory whenever going out of the homes. In Indore, the authorities have advised wearing the masks but it is not mandatory.

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