Porsche Cayenne, BMW MINI, Ferrari California T & other super luxury cars in election rally [Video]

With the elections starting soon and the Model Code of Conduct in place, there are quite a few restrictions in place. But to attract attention, there are many who hold political rallies. In the past, we have seen a major crowd on foot going through the streets. However, modern days need modern means of campaigning. Which is why a group of Mumbai luxury car owners got out in the streets of the city to campaign for the BJP party.

The video by Petrolhead’s Paradise shows luxury cars lining up at the starting of the Mumbai Sea Link bridge. The first vehicle in the line-up is a Toyota Innova followed by a Porsche Cayenne. There are quite a few luxury cars in the line-up including a MINI Cooper and a Ferrari California T convertible. Interestingly, all the vehicles in the convoy carried the “Main Bhi Chowkidar” banners positioned on the front of the cars. A few enthusiastic occupants in MINI Cooper even stood inside the vehicle waving the Indian flag.

The exact start point and end point of this luxury car rally are not mentioned in the video but it sure went through many busy streets of Mumbai catching the attention of thousands. This is one of the first times that such a large number of luxury cars have become a part of an election campaign in India.

Porsche Cayenne, BMW MINI, Ferrari California T & other super luxury cars in election rally [Video]

The video mentions that more than 100 cars participated in the rally and the video shows a mix of regular vehicles like Toyota Innova and Maruti Suzuki Ertiga in the convoy too. Towards the end, there are also a few Jaguar vehicles. The video also mentions about the Lamborghini Urus but we could not spot the SUV in the convoy. Instead, it was spotted before the convoy. Most probably, the Urus was not a part of the rally and was enjoying its weekend drive.

In the past, many modified private vehicles and commercial vehicles have been used for the election rallies. Such vehicles are used to attract as much attention as they can in the crowd. Using high-end vehicles in the rallies will definitely make the heads turn on the roads wherever they go. In India, such rallies are quite rare but they are quite effective in serving the purpose effectively of spreading awareness about the political party in a grand way.

Shantonil Nag

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