This Porsche Cayenne is cheaper than a Maruti Brezza

Porsche Cayenne for long remained the only the SUV from the brand till the Macan was launched. There are many Porsche Cayenne SUVs on the Indian roads, and quite a few are available in the used car market. Here is one such Porsche Cayenne available in the used car market for mere Rs. 6.5 lakhs, making it much more affordable than sub-4m compact SUVs in the Indian market including the best selling Maruti Brezza.

The Porsche Cayenne seen in this video is a 2004 model and is powered by a petrol engine. The car is available for sale, and as per the details, the used car dealership will provide all the necessary documents and No Objection Certificate for the vehicle, which can be used to transfer the registration of the car to other states. Currently, diesel vehicles over the age of 10 years and petrol vehicles over the age of 15 years are banned in Delhi.

However, they can be registered in other states where new fitness certificate can be availed for the next five years. Fitness certificates of old cars have to be renewed every five years, which is possible to do in every state and union territory of India except Delhi.

This car was registered in 2004 in Delhi, and soon it will complete 15 years of registration, which will make it illegal on the Delhi roads. However, registering it outside Delhi and keeping it off the Delhi roads will work perfectly for the old SUV.

This Porsche Cayenne is cheaper than a Maruti Brezza

The video made by My Country My Ride shows the exterior and the interior of the vehicle. It gets a tailgate-mounted spare wheel and a few scratches here and there. On the inside, the Porsche Cayenne gets an old music system, leather-wrapped interiors with a leather-wrapped multi-functional steering wheel and a lot of other features.

The video also shows the control of the air suspension of the Cayenne that can lift the ride’s height according to the need. It also gets an all wheel drive (AWD) system that can be engaged from a button on the central console. The 2004 Cayenne also gets drive modes, and the driver can cycle between Normal, Sport and Comfort mode that changes the steering feedback and also changes the suspension settings.

We are not sure about the exact engine that powers this 2004 Porsche Cayenne. It was available with two engine options back in the time, and both worked on petrol. There was a smaller 3.2-litre V6 engine that generates a maximum of 247 Bhp-310 Nm and a 4.5-litre V8 petrol engine that produces a maximum of 340 Bhp and 310 Nm. Both the engine options came with 6-speed automatic transmission.

Maintaining such an old luxury car can become a pain in India, and the future owners may have to source the spare parts from the international markets, but it sure has a lot of life left in it. It is the steal of a deal at Rs. 6.5 lakhs and gets many features that are not available with many modern-day SUVs that are available at in that price segment. So, while this Cayenne may be cheaper than a Maruti Brezza to buy, maintaining it will be a lot more costlier.

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