Porsche Macan Crossover soft launched in India; Prices start from 1 Crore Rupees

Porsche has soft launched the Macan crossover in the Indian car market. The Macan is Porsche latest crossover, and one that sits under the Cayenne in terms of size. However, the price doesn’t reflect the smaller size of the Macan, for the crossover is priced well above the Cayenne, with a starting price of 1 crore rupees, going up to 1.1 crore rupees for the high performance turbo petrol variant.

In sharp contrast, the much larger Cayenne’s base petrol variant starts at 71.17 lakh rupees, while the base diesel variant starts from 79.06 lakh rupees, both prices reflecting ex-showroom Delhi figures. Like the Cayenne, the Macan is imported to India through the completely built unit (CBU) route and this similarity between both crossovers makes the Macan’s pricing seem even more curious.

Porsche, clearly seems to be positioning the Macan as a sportier, more compact offering than the Cayenne, which is a much larger vehicle. While the Cayenne is positioned as an SUV, the Macan is aimed at a younger set of buyers, looking for a crossover with sportscar-like performance. Globally too, the Macan’s pricing is higher than that of the Cayenne.

The only explanation we can think about at the moment is that, Porsche doesn’t want to dilute its niche car brand appeal by making the Macan more affordable. A less affordable car means fewer examples on roads as ubiquity is the biggest nightmare of brand managers peddling high end products. The Macan shares its platform (MLP or Modular Longitudinal Platform) with the Audi Q5 luxury crossover.

Porsche seems to be going the extra mile to ensure that the former doesn’t become as ubiquitous as the latter, which has come to be a familiar sight on Indian streets. Also, the pricing of the Cayenne goes all the way up to 2.09 crores, which is nearly double that of the Macan sold in India. By giving Cayenne customers a wider variant set, Porsche is restoring a semblance of consistency to the Macan and Cayenne pricing.

The Porsche Macan available in India is sold in two variants. The turbo diesel engined model is the lower priced variant and features a 3 liter. V6 turbo diesel engine that outputs 245 Bhp of peak power and 580 Nm of peak torque. The turbo petrol engined version of the Macan uses a 3.6 liter-V6 motor that churns out 400 Bhp of peak power and 500 Nm of peak torque. Both variants are all wheel driven and come with 7 speed dual clutch automatic transmissions.

The petrol variant is the faster of the two, while the diesel powered variant is more frugal. 0-100 Kph on the petrol Macan takes 4.8 seconds, while that on the diesel variant takes 6.3 seconds. The Sport Chrono mode on both cars cut acceleration times by a further 0.2 seconds. Top speed of the Macan Diesel is rated at 230 Kph while the Macan Petrol is rated at 266 Kph. Claimed fuel efficiency numbers for the Macan Petrol and Diesel models are rated at 11.23 Kmpl and 14.49 Kmpl respectively.

Via TheEconomicTimes