That moment when a Porsche owner was made to do sit-ups in the middle of the road

India spent most of its 2020 in lockdown due to the pandemic. While the second wave of the COVID-19 is much more aggressive and is killing thousands while infecting lakhs daily, the central government has not put the country in a lockdown this time. However, the state governments are taking measures by putting highly infected areas under lockdown but the authorities and the law enforcers are not as strict as last year. It was mayhem last year when the authorities and police used all their force and even physical punishment to anyone who broke the lockdown rules.

This video is from last year and it became one of the most extreme lockdown punishment videos. During the lockdown last year, a 20-year old youngster took his Porsche 718 Boxster out of his home. The local guards caught him and made him do sit-ups. The video was widely circulated and became viral.

In the video, the driver of the car – Sanskar Daryani was spotted doing sit-ups beside his bright yellow 718 Boxster. He is the son of a business tycoon Deepak Daryani. Sanskar was stopped by the Nagar Suraksha Samiti guard, while he was driving his sports car.

Sanskar released a video later saying that he was doing social service. According to the video, Sankar was out distributing the food packets to the poor in the vicinity. Sanskar also claims that he had a valid e-pass for travelling on public roads during the lockdown. He had the pass around his neck for anyone to check.

A group of people from Nagar Suraksha Samiti stopped Sanskar. They questioned him about why he violated the lockdown rules. Sanskar tried explaining to them that he has got all the necessary permissions. However, the group started abusing him and made him do sit-ups on the road.

Sanskar was not wearing a mask

The group of people were even more aggravated to see Sanskar without a mask. While he claims that he had got all the necessary permissions and clearances, not wearing a mask is a violation of pandemic rules. It was an offence even last year.

Both Sanskar and his father came on the camera to give their comments. According to them, some people from the council stopped Sanskar illegally. They asked him questions and then made him do sit-ups on the public roads. The father claims that the group should have informed the police station about any violations and should not have taken the law into their hands. His father filed a police complaint against the civilians who took the law in their hands and punished Sanskar for coming out of the home and not wearing a mask.

Nagar Suraksha Samiti

That moment when a Porsche owner was made to do sit-ups in the middle of the road

The Nagar Suraksha Samiti is a group of vigilantes and is headed by retired personnel from Army, paramilitary and police. The volunteers attached to the group are stationed all across the city and help the law enforcers to ensure that no one breaks the rules.

Guru Prasad Prashar, ASP, Indore said to the media that the incident happened at the HDFC Chowk. There was an official checkpoint to ensure that no one strolls out on the road without a valid reason. They stop people who do not follow the rules and do not wear masks when they are out. That’s where he was stopped and made to do sit-ups. Guru Prasad also said that they the members of Nigam Suraksha Samiti have powers to made people do such things to punish them for not following the rules.