Prankster gets knocked down by car as street prank goes seriously wrong; Caught on cam

Prankster gets knocked down by car as street prank goes seriously wrong; Caught on cam

Indian roads are extremely unsafe and the number of road accidents that happen every day is proof of that. A recent incident involving a YouTuber shows how careful one should be on Indian roads and why busy roads are so dangerous. The incident was captured on a camera while the YouTuber, Mickey Bachhal, was shooting for a prank. It is not something that everyone can watch comfortably. Viewer discretion is advised.

What exactly happened here?

The video has been uploaded by the official channel of the YouTuber himself and the description says that the accident happened while he was filming a prank video. The video shows an electric rickshaw coming down, with one passenger, on an undivided double lane road. Mickey Bachhal comes into the frame and slows down the rickshaw. Then, he can can be seen talking to the person sitting in the back.

The audio of the conversation is not clear so we are not sure of what exactly is happening in the video. However, it shows a few cars passing them at a good speed. The road is relatively empty but there are quite a few vehicles on both sides of the road. After a few cars pass each other, a speeding Hyundai i10 hits Mickey Bachhal and he can be seen flying through the air. The video later shows the YouTube personality in the hospital but there’s is no information about injuries sustained. Also, it is not known if the car seen in the video stopped to help or if it was a hit-and-run case.

How did the accident happen?

If we watch the video carefully, vehicles can be seen parked on both sides of the road that further shrink the road space. When the rickshaw stopped, we can see that the vehicles are crossing the painted solid line median to overtake the rickshaw. Just before the accident took place, we can see a commercial light vehicle overtaking another light truck on the road and the grey Hyundai i10 following it closely.

The video shows both the vehicles using the opposite carriageway and trying to rejoin the road. The i10 had limited visibility due to the vehicle in the front, and it moves a little more to the left hitting the person in the video. It should be noted that the i10 driver did not get a clear view of the road ahead before overtaking, hence, the manoeuvre was quite dangerous. However, the people standing on the road are equally to blame as they are standing right in the middle of the busy road.

How to prevent this?

There are a few ways to be more careful on city roads and avoid such accidents. Here are a few rules that can be helpful.

  • Always get a clear view of the road ahead before overtaking.
  • Always maintain a low speed on city roads as any obstacle can surface suddenly and, often, there is not enough space to avoid them.
  • Do not park or stand in the middle of the road, even if the road seems empty.



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