Pravaig Defy electric SUV launched: Rs 39.5 lakh, 402 bhp and a massive 620 Nm torque

The Bengaluru-based electric car manufacturer Pravaig Dynamics has finally launched its much anticipated electric SUV – the Pravaig Defy. The second product from the brand has been introduced at a price of Rs 39.5 lakh (ex-showroom). Praviag stated that the new EV SUV could be reserved with a booking amount of Rs 51,000 and it will commence the deliveries of Defy in the third quarter of 2023. It is to be noted that the vehicle at the launch event was a pre-production prototype and the final production model would be better.

Pravaig Defy electric SUV launched: Rs 39.5 lakh, 402 bhp and a massive 620 Nm torque

The Pravaig Defy boasts an edgy design language which provides the model with a very masculine-looking appearance blended with crossover elements. According to the brand, the styling motif is “brutal sophistication.” Sharp angles can be seen in the front design, which also includes an LED light strip that spans its width. In terms of its profile, the SUV seems huge and has a black-painted upper half, but the angular windows and sloping roof give it a dynamic appearance. The tailgate and a horizontal LED light bar are elegantly merged with the strong character line that extends from the rear fender over the width of the vehicle.

The SUV, according to Pravaig, has a “particularly dynamic” form with a 0.33 drag coefficient. The company stated that the panoramic fixed roof will be standard equipment for the SUV. 18-inch alloy wheels with 255/65R18 tyres are standard on the Defy EV SUV. Additionally, it has optional “aero covers,” which the automaker claims would increase the range by up to 10 km or more each charge, especially on the highway.

According to Pravaig, the upholstery on the interior of the Defy SUV is composed of vegan leather and is crafted with sustainable textiles (recycled materials like PET). Some of the features included in the Defy EV SUV are electric seats six-way power reclining, ventilation, and self-adjusting temperature control. The dashboard also gets a large 15.6-inch touchscreen that can be used as a navigation screen and for internet browsing thanks to a 5G connection. According to the company, the infotainment will also have on-board gaming with the potential to install new games via over-the-air (OTA) upgrades.

Additionally, the Defy will come with a linked car app, independent climate control zones for front and back passengers, mood lighting, several wireless chargers, and two high-power USB-C connectors that can also be used to charge laptops as well. Furthermore, the SUV will have a special key card, and also it can be locked or unlocked via linked car technology. The SUV also gets a 77GHz solid state radar, 360-degree cameras, and adaptive LED lighting. The Defy EV SUV will eventually have autonomous emergency braking, which will be enabled via an over-the-air update said the company. It also comes standard with a tyre pressure monitoring system and six airbags.

A second 10-inch screen behind the steering wheel handles telemetry functions, and this screen may be customised and adjusted depending on the driving mode. Pravaig claims that French audio expert company Devialet would also provide 3D sound for the Defy SUV. The Pravaig is a five-seat SUV by default, but it also has a unique four-seat cabin that can be customised with two separate rear captain seats, a 240V outlet, a wireless charger, and two separate 15.6-inch displays.

A 90kWh battery pack and two electric motors that produce 402bhp and 620Nm of torque will power the all-electric Defy. According to Pravaig, it can deliver a range of well over 500km. The SUV enables rapid charging at 160kW DC. As a result, it is said that it takes 30 minutes to fully charge the battery pack from empty to 80 percent. The Defy has a peak speed of 210 kph and can accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in 4.9 seconds.