Pravaig Extinction Mk1 Electric sedan in a walkaround video

Bangalore based start up Pravaig had recently revealed their upcoming electric vehicle Extinction Mk1. Soon after, it was revealed, the first gen prototype of the vehicle was spotted on the roads. Electric vehicles are gaining popularity and Indian and international car manufacturers have entered this space. Unlike Tata Nexon EV, MG ZS EV and Hyundai Kona EV, Pravaig Extinction Mk1 is a sedan. It currently has no direct competitor in the market. Here we have a video that shows the Extinction Mk1 electric vehicle inside out in a walkaround video.

The video has been uploaded by Namaste Car on their youtube channel. The video starts with the exterior of the sedan. The video mentions that the car seen in the video is a first generation prototype and the production version will be a lot more different and improved than this. Pravaig Extinction’s production version is expected to be launched in the market by November 2021. The Extinction Mk1 gets a very unique looking front design.

It has an LED DRL bar running across the bonnet. The headlights are projector LED units and the turn indicators are also integrated inside the LED DRL. The grille at the front is very sleek and there are air vents seen at the front of the car. Moving to the side profile, the long bonnet of the Pravaig Extinction is revealed.  As this is an electric vehicle, there is no engine under the hood. The space under the bonnet has been nicely converted in a luggage space. As this is a prototype, the layout is quite different from what we will be seeing in the production version.

Pravaig Extinction Mk1 Electric sedan in a walkaround video

The side profile of the EV prototype shows the grey coloured 17 inch alloy wheels. All the four wheels come with disc brakes for better braking performance. The Extinction Mk1 is a 2-door coupe whereas the production version that will be launched in the market later will be a proper 4-door sedan. After launching Extinction, Pravaig also has plans to launch electric SUV and ATVs. The rear profile of the car looks very simple but, the LED lights look very unique on the sedan. There is a Pravaig logo on the LED tail light strip which glows when the lights are turned on. The rear of the EV is also expected to be re-designed for the production model.

As this is a prototype, the interiors on this electric sedan has also been not properly done. The production version will get 160 degree reclinable seats, electric sunroof, ambient lighting, leather seats, touchscreen infotainment system, premium audio system, electrically adjustable seats, digital instrument cluster and so on. The Pravaig Extinction Mk1 uses a 96 KwH battery pack which generates around 200 Ps or power. The car supports fast charging an just after charging for 30 minutes, it can be used for approximately 300 kms. The claimed maximum driving range on Extinction is 504 kms on full charge. The production version is also expected to get autonomous driving system, 8 airbags, front and rear camera, parking sensors and other features.

Pravaig means speed in Sanskrit and the car is claimed to have a top-speed of 196 kmph. Pravaig will only be providing the vehicle on lease, subscription or rental basis. The fleet would be managed online and Pravaig would only be setting up service centres. It will initially available in Delhi and Bangalore.