Pravin Togadia's Mahindra Scorpio hit by a truck; he alleges conspiracy

Pravin Togadia’s Mahindra Scorpio hit by a truck; he alleges conspiracy

Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Pravin Togadia had a close shave on Wednesday when the Mahindra Scorpio he was traveling in was hit by a truck. This incident took place near Surat, Gujarat. Togadia escaped unhurt. Furthermore, he has alleged that the mishap was a conspiracy to kill him. He also added that no escort cover was provided to him in spite of him being entitled to Z-level protection.

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“I had informed the concerned authorities about my travel plan from Vadodara to Surat on Tuesday 5 pm. The two cars supposed to be provided as per Z+ security protocol were missing from my convoy soon after my car entered in Surat district. Only the pilot car was there ahead of my car. There was no security vehicle behind my car when the truck knocked my SUV from behind and did not apply brake up to some distance. My SUV ultimately got stuck in divider after which the truck stopped. I demand an independent inquiry. Some people are trying to topple me from VHP. Role of the truck driver should be investigated thoroughly.” he said. “This means that apart from one vehicle for security, another escort vehicle should have been provided in Vadodara, Bharuch and Surat districts. When the accident took place, only one vehicle was there. The escort vehicle was not present,” the VHP leader added.

The truck driver didn’t attempt to flee from the accident spot and has been taken into Police custody for interrogation. So far, he has maintained that he did try to stop the truck, but he hit Togadia’s car owing to a failure of the brakes. Hence, the truck could stop to a halt only after it came in contact with the Scorpio. However, Togadia maintains that the driver made no attempt to stop the truck. The leader went on to insist that the phone details of the driver should be checked to assure that there has been no conspiracy behind this incident. While he didn’t name anyone who could have harmed him, he said he has full faith in the in the Gujarat police.

pravin togadia mahindra scorpio truck accident gujarat images

On being asked to be specific about whom he thinks is responsible for this, the Hindu Parishad leader replied,“Hindus of Gujarat and India will decide for themselves who wants to get rid of me. But I will continue to fight for the cause of Hindus like I have been doing for 25 years now. Nobody can stop me from doing so.” Earlier this year, in January, Togadia had gone missing for an entire day and was later found in an unconscious state near an airport. Back then, the leader had alleged that all this has been due to a conspiracy against him.

via TOI