Pre-facelift fourth-generation Honda City transformed to facelifted version

The Honda City is one car equally revered by both enthusiasts and laymen, as it offers an equally good experience both behind the steering wheel and on the back seat. The City is also known for its sheer practicality and reliability, and we have seen several examples in which people have kept on driving them for years. There are several older models which are still plying on the Indian roads, and one such model has been transformed to bring back the essence of novelty in it.

In a YouTube video uploaded by ‘Autorounders’, a pre-facelift fourth-generation Honda City diesel receives a subtle makeover to make it look like a facelifted fourth-generation model. The complete transformation process has been done by ‘Autorounders’, which is a Mumbai-based auto repair and customization shop. Such a modification process gives a fresh appeal to the car with a new dose of novelty.

Front-end swapped

Pre-facelift fourth-generation Honda City transformed to facelifted version

There have been a few processes that are a part of this complete transformation of the Honda City. Firstly, the whole front fascia of the Honda City has been changed, which is the biggest difference between the pre-facelift and facelifted fourth-generation versions. The slightly yellowish headlamp, which had an after-market daytime running LED strip, and the older front grille have been replaced with the all-new headlamps and wider chrome grille of the facelifted model. The new headlamps come with pre-installed daytime running LEDs.

The front bumper of the Honda City has been swapped with that of the new model, which looks sleeker and gets new fog lamps and more aerodynamic looking housings for them. The whole car has been repainted to retain its glossy look, though the original paint shade of white has been retained for the process. In addition, the grey alloy wheels of the car have been painted black, with the black callipers sitting behind them painted red. The presenter in the video reveals that the Honda City already came fitted with after-market tail lamps with unique LED inserts and boot-mounted thin spoiler.

No mechanical changes

Apart from this cosmetic makeover, the Honda City hasn’t got any other changes to its interior or mechanicals under the skin. Its diesel engine was also left untouched in the process of transformation. The fourth-generation Honda City used to be available with a 1.5-litre diesel engine, which was available with a 6-speed manual gearbox as standard and produces 100 PS of maximum power and 200 Nm of peak torque output.

The variant used for the transformation process was the V variant of the Honda City, which in the pre-facelifted version used to come with fog lamps, 15-inch alloy wheels, automatic climate control, 2-DIN audio system, steering mounted audio and cruise controls and rear AC vents. The variant continues to be on sale in the currently available fourth-generation Honda City. It is now sold as a petrol-only model and gets a few more features like 15-inch machined alloy wheels, a push start-stop button and a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple Carplay, Android Auto and reverse camera display.