Pre-facelift Toyota Fortuner converted to latest Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner is known for its bulletproof reliability. While Toyota did not thoroughly update the Fortuner for a long time, they introduced a new Legender variant that looks like a more aggressive version of the vehicle. While there are not many changes between the regular Fortuner and Legender, Autorounders has updated the old Fortuner to the latest Legender. Here is what it looks like now.

There were a few dents on the car that Autorounders fixed before the conversion. Also, all the panels are fitted to check if all the panel gaps are uniform before painting.

To achieve a smooth and uniform finish on the car, putty was utilized. During the process of repairing the dents, the original stock headlamps, grille, bumper, taillamps, and rear bumper of the Fortuner were removed. The Legender body kit, sourced from the aftermarket, was then installed to ensure proper alignment. After conducting a preliminary fitment of the panels, they were subsequently removed. The mere replacement of these panels completely transformed the front fascia of the vehicle, giving it the appearance of a Legender model.

The car has been given a new shade as well. It is a Porsche black shade. The alloy wheels are painted in glossy black while brake callipers also get a new shade. While it is illegal according to Indian laws to change the colour of the car, you can get it endorsed on the registration certificate of the car and make it legal. The chrome garnish on the tailgate was blacked out, and many of the chrome elements were replaced with glossy black counterparts. The interior of the car has also undergone customization.

Pre-facelift Toyota Fortuner converted to latest Fortuner

Typically, Toyota provides a Red and Black themed interior for the Legender model. However, in this particular instance, the owner has chosen to go with an all-black theme instead.

Changing the colour of the car

In recent times, the Indian authorities have become increasingly stringent when it comes to vehicle modifications. Although there is no specific law addressing vehicle wraps, there is a provision that prohibits altering the original color of a vehicle. Changing the original or stock color of a vehicle is considered illegal in India. However, in most states and union territories, law enforcement generally does not stop vehicles with different colored wraps. If you have any personal experiences related to this matter, please feel free to share them.

To err on the side of caution, it is advisable to choose a wrap that matches the stock color of the vehicle. Alternatively, you can consult local authorities such as the RTO (Regional Transport Office) to inquire about the specific rules and regulations and obtain written confirmation. Wraps can undoubtedly unlock immense creative possibilities, provided they adhere to the legal requirements.

Changing the stock color of a vehicle can create confusion for law enforcement officials. If a vehicle is reported stolen and the police issue an alert, it becomes challenging for them to identify the vehicle if it appears different from its original color.

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