This pristine looking Premier 118 NE is actually 27 years old [Video]

PAL, short for Premier Automobiles Limited, used to be a highly renowned car brand in the Indian market. It boasted notable models such as the Padmini and 118 NE. During the late 80s, both of these models gained immense popularity, particularly among celebrities. The 118 NE, in fact, served as an upgrade option for individuals who were already driving the Padmini. It was built upon the foundation of the Fiat 124 and became a commonly sighted vehicle on our roads. Unfortunately, these cars are no longer in production, but we still find several well-preserved, restored, or modified examples of the Premier 118 NE across the country. Here, we have a video where the owner has kept a 27-year-old Premier 118 NE in pristine condition.

The video has been uploaded by Deon Gomes on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger shows not one but two Premier 118 NE sedans. The first sedan in an off-white shade belonged to the vlogger. He mentions that the car has been in his family for years now, almost 30 years. The vlogger also mentions that his car is not in great shape and needs a complete restoration. He then moves to the other Premier 118 NE parked behind his car.

He mentions that the second car belongs to his friend and, compared to his own car, his friend’s 118 NE is maintained very well. The car has been painted in a shade of grey and blue, which is very common on Premier cars. The car looks neat, and even the character lines are clearly visible. The car does miss some parts like the ORVMs and stickers, but hey, that is something every person who owns a classic car faces. Sourcing original parts and panels can be a challenge in most cases. The exterior of the car looks neat, and the video mentions that the car seen here is completely stock, and the owner wants to keep the car this way.

This pristine looking Premier 118 NE is actually 27 years old [Video]
Premier 118 NE sedan

The vlogger then moves into the cabin to show how neatly the car has been kept on the inside. The dashboard is all original, and even the instrument cluster is well-kept. The vlogger mentions that although the car has AC vents, it does not have a working AC unit, and that is also something the owner would be working on in the future. The dashboard looks extremely neat. The seat belts are also installed in this car. The original 4-speed manual gear lever is also shown here in the video, along with the steering wheel with the PAL logo in the center.

The vlogger then asks his friend to take the car for a quick spin to see how it performs. For a 27-year-old car, this Premier 118 NE felt very silent. It looks like the owner took good care of the car. There were rattling sounds from different parts of the car, but they were not irritating. The vlogger also mentions that his friend’s car felt a lot smoother when compared to his own.

The commanding seating position also makes it a great city car. The owner also mentions how his grandfather bought it from a person who went to watch a race at the MMRT in Chennai. The 118 NE is powered by a 1171-cc engine that generates 52 Hp and 79 Nm of torque.