This GORGEOUS Premier Padmini is resto-mod done to perfection

The Premier Padmini is one of the most iconic cars that ever went on sale in India. It was on sale in India from around the 1970s while the production run ended in before 2000. It was initially sold in India as the Fiat 1100 Delight but was later renamed as the Premier Padmini in the early 1970s. It was sold in India by Premier Automobiles Limited under license from Fiat and after the car was discontinued, the factory also closed down. Even to this day, several enthusiasts lovingly maintain their Padminis. Several people who have bought the car after it was discontinued have resto-modded it and the video here shows us another example of another such Padmini. Take a look at the video below by Retro Classics India to checkout this beautifully resto-modded Premier Padmini.

As seen in the video, the car has received a gorgeous makeover which makes it look pretty modern all the while maintaining the car’s original DNA.  For a long time, the Fiat Premier Padmini was the only alternative to the Hindustan Ambassador. The Premier Padmini was a stronger performer than the Ambassador and people even used it in car rallying and racing. Talking about this particular Padmini, it gets a blue paint shade with white stipes over its bonnet which gives a sporty touch to the car.

The headlights have been replaced with LED projector units, though the iconic circular shape has been retained. The body work has not been tinkered with much and the car retains the original body profile which made the Padmini a beauty back in the day. Another interesting addition on the nteriors are those cool mutli-spoke alloy wheels shod on with low profile tires that lend a unique personality to this car. Because of its evergreen design language, owners of the Premier Padmini still keep the car with themselves. The car is now sold at premium prices because of its vintage looks and value.

This GORGEOUS Premier Padmini is resto-mod done to perfection

The interiors of this car have also been retouched but have not been replaced with modern parts. The seats and the dashboard resemble the original fitments. The seats and doorpads have been done in white while the dashboard, which is a pretty bare unit, has been painted in blue. To let you know, Premier Automobiles Limited, or PAL as it was often referred to as, built the Padminis at PAL’s Kurla factory. The Premier Padmini got a sharper and edgier design than the Fiat 1100 which gave it a distinctive stance. It was powered by a 1.1-litre engine which churned out a maximum 40 Bhp of power along with 71 Nm of torque and had a column-mounted gear shifter.