Resto-Modded Hindustan Ambassador Looks Premium Inside-Out [Video]

hindustan ambassador modified

Hindustan Ambassador is one of those models that play an important role in Indian automotive history. It was an aspirational product and was once the status symbol of many Indian families. The production for the Hindustan Ambassador ended in 2014, but even today there is a decent demand for this sedan among collectors. Over the years, we have come across several modified and restored examples of this sedan from different parts of the country. Here we have one such video where an old Ambassador has been neatly restored and modified to look premium.

The video has been shared by Sikand Car on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks about all the changes and customizations that they have done to this sedan. The first thing one would notice on this sedan is that it gets an aftermarket headlamp. It comes with projector LED lamps with ring-type dual-function LED DRLs. The original chrome grille of the sedan has been blacked out, and there is body-colored plastic panels dividing the grille into two horizontally.

The bumper on this sedan also gets customization. The chrome on this part has been removed and painted in body color. The video mentions that too much chrome was not looking good on this car, and that is why they took this decision. The chrome around the headlamps, blind spot mirror, and bonnet has been retained. Coming to the side profile, the fender has been customized, and it now comes with an air vent that is taken from a Range Rover Evoque. It is not a stick-on, and the fender has been cut for this purpose.

Resto-Modded Hindustan Ambassador Looks Premium Inside-Out [Video]
Ambassador modified

The other attraction on the side profile are the wheels. The car gets 16-inch aftermarket alloy wheels from Plati company. The wheels look good on the car. Other than this, the sedan remains the same. The whole car has been repainted in the signature white shade. The boot of the Ambassador sedan is huge, and in it, they have now installed a sub-woofer. Even with the sub-woofer in, there is ample space inside the boot.

The video then moves to the cabin. This is where the rest of the change is visible. The cabin has been completely customized in a beige shade. The seat covers are customized with leathrette upholstery. The same shade is visible on the dashboard as well. The car comes with faux wooden inserts around the instrument cluster, AC vents, and center console. The controls and instrument cluster on this car are all stock and working. There are power window buttons for all four doors placed on the center console.

The roof liner has been finished in a beige shade. Similarly, the car gets a leather wrap on the door pads, 7D mats for the floor, upgraded music system, touchscreen infotainment screen, comfortable rear seats with a center armrest, and so on. The fit and finish of the upholstery and fabric seen here look good, and the finished product does look clean. It does look premium both from inside and out.