President Biden takes a spin in the Ford F150 Lightning: Here is what he said

The United States of America elected Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. or Joe Biden as their 46th President in the recent elections. It is a known fact that the new President of the USA is a car enthusiast. We have featured an article earlier this year where we had listed the vehicles that Joe Biden actually has in his garage. He is one of those person who loves driving and has a soft corner for his well maintained old classic cars. He is one of those person who is expected to give a major push to electric vehicles as that is expected to be the future of mobility. President Biden recently drove the upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck and here is what he said about it.

The video of Joe Biden driving the F-150 lightning pickup truck has been shared by Washington Post on their YouTube channel. The video shows Mr. President driving the Ford F-150 lightning pickup truck on a test track. He was accompanied by one of his security officer in the co-passenger seat. The pickup truck has now been unveiled internationally but, when President Biden was driving it, the truck was completely camouflaged.

President Biden drives the pickup truck towards the media people and stops next to them. Then he says that, this is an excellent vehicle and is quick. He also mentions that, he might buy one of these. He even says that, the truck can do a 0-60 mph in under 5 seconds. He even demonstrates how quick the pickup actually is. President Biden presses the accelerator and the F-150 lightning just launches instantly without any lag.

President Biden takes a spin in the Ford F150 Lightning: Here is what he said

Ford F-150 is the world’s most popular pickup truck and the manufacturer decided to launch the electric version of the same for obvious reasons. The F-150 Lightning is based on the latest generation of the standard pickup truck with subtle changes like a different nose, LED light bars on the front and back, slightly redesigned bumper and running boards. Apart from these changes, the F-150 Lightning looks similar to the ICE version. One of the main attraction on F-150 is the front loading area under the bonnet. As their is no engine in this pickup, the area under the bonnet has been converted into a storage area.

President Biden takes a spin in the Ford F150 Lightning: Here is what he said

Ford F-150 Lightning comes with electric motors both at the front and rear. These motors generate a combined output of 426 Ps in SR variant and 563 Ps in ER variant. In both variants, the pickup truck generates 1,051 Nm of peak torque. Ford is offering F-150 Lightning with two battery pack options. The entry level version offers a maximum driving range of 370 kms whereas the other battery pack offers 483 kms of driving range.

The Ford F-150 Lightning supports both AC and DC charging. In the standard battery pack version, it comes with a single charger which takes around 10 hours to recharge the batteries from 15 percent to 100. The battery pack which offers more driving range gets a dual charger setup which takes around 8 hours to charge the batteries fully. From a DC fast charger, it takes around 41 minutes to charge batteries from 15 to 80 per cent. The Ford F-150 will be launched in the North American market initially and there is no news whether Ford will be launching it in India.