Prevention: Stop the scamming!

Well, though the story is horrid, it isn’t the end of the world. Here are some counter-tricks to cut them to size!

Always, get off from the car and shed that laziness while you refuel. Stand by the attendant and don’t let your sight slip away from the meter reading.

Do not encourage a conversation with anyone during the process of refueling.

Always pay at the end of the transaction.

Insist on a preset value, firmly ask the attendant to keep his hands off the nozzle during refueling and wait for the auto cut-off to kick -in. Do not allow them to fill any more after the cut-off.

Insist on a printed receipt, as far as possible.

Park the vehicle slightly away from the machine and have the attendant stretch the pipe to the fuel lid. After the refueling, ask him to hold the nozzle at a height in order to facilitate the residual to flow in the tank.

At any instance, if you are not satisfied with the quantity or quality of fuel, always insist the pump manager to hand you over the complaint book. Do not settle for merely a refund, extra fuel or a verbal rebuke. The oil companies take the complaint book very seriously. Persist with your demand for the complaint book.

Despite all this, if you are still upset with the petrol station, approach the public grievance cell at

As much as we love our cars, we should be conscious to such misgivings and act aptly to bring this social nuisance to a grinding halt. Notice the difference when the next time you answer your inquisitive neighbor about ‘Kitna Deti Hai?’. Also read: Common scams on the road in India 

(This is a guest article sent in by Kapil Mathrani, a CarToq community member)

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