Previous-generation Thar modified to look like the all-new model [Video]

While the previous generation version was too bare-bones for anyone’s liking, the Mahindra Thar went under a complete makeover to become a highly desirable modern-day SUV. We have seen many examples where people have customized their older Mahindra Thars, both cosmetically and mechanically. However, one car modifying garage has gone one step ahead and modified the previous-generation Thar to make it look like the current-generation model.

This unimaginable job is executed by Janta Jeep Customs, which claims to be an independent customizer of old Jeeps to make them look like modern interpretations of SUVs like Mahindra Thar, Mercedes Benz G-Class and Nissan 1-Tonne. In a YouTube video uploaded by Janta Jeep Customs, we can see an old-generation Mahindra Thar modified, which now looks like the present-day Thar.

Previous-generation Thar modified to look like the all-new model [Video]

From the outside, the modification job is done with near perfection. All the body panels of the old-generation model are swapped with those of the current-generation model, including the front fenders, bonnet, grille, headlamps, door panels, rear fenders, hardtop and rear two-part boot with boot-mounted spare wheel. Even the door handles, rearview mirrors, window panels and front windscreen look like those of the new-generation Thar. Unlike the stock version, this customized Mahindra Thar is equipped with different silver-coloured five-spoke alloy wheels.

Cabin completely updated

While most of the customizers usually keep the originality of the cabin intact, this customizer has changed the cabin design completely. The dashboard layout looks very similar to the present-day Thar, with round-shaped AC dials with gloss black surrounds, a broader centre console with an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system and a panel for AC dials and instrument console.

The rest of the cabin of this modified Thar is customized with a dual-tone black and beige upholstery and beige-coloured roof liner. The side facing seats of the original model are replaced by new forward-facing seats, just like in the present-day Thar. In addition, the driver’s seat gets six-way electronic adjustments, which is not available even in the stock version of the new-generation Thar. The only bit, which looks as if it is retained from the original model, is the three-spoke steering wheel. Unlike the exterior, the rough edges in the interior cabin modification are more visible in some places.

This modification job of the Mahindra Thar looks praiseworthy and very effective in changing the whole persona of the vehicle. However, one should be aware that such modifications, which change the vehicle’s originality, are illegal in the law books.