Toyota launches limited-edition Innova Crysta at Rs. 13.13 lakh

Toyota has launched a limited edition of its successful MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle), the Innova dubbed ‘Innova Crysta’. What new features does the Crysta offer for buyers?

The Innova Crysta has six new features; smoked alloy wheels, body graphics, rear roof spoiler, muffler cutter, dual tone leather seat covers, dark wood paneling and floor mats.

The Crysta comes only as the top-end VX variant (7-seater) and is priced at Rs. 13.13 lakh ex-showroom, Delhi (on-road Rs. 15.24 lakh). The special edition is about Rs. 60,000 more than the regular Innova top-end VX variant (7-seater).

innova crysta body graphics photo

Body graphics: The Crysta comes with fresh new body graphics on both sides. The graphics lend some character to the Innova’s usually bland sides making the side profiles look more attractive. However, they do not result in any major transformation as far as looks are concerned.

innova crysta wooden panels photo

Wooden panels: The Innova Crysta comes with dark wood panels that give it a more premium look. The regular Innova comes with light colored wooden panels; hence some people might find the darkened panels more unique.

innova crysta rear spoiler photo

Rear roof spoiler: Toyota has also added a rear spoiler in the limited edition variant. This roof mounted spoiler adds a little muscle to the MPV’s rear. However, it looks only marginally different from the spoiler available for the present model.

innova crysta two tone seats photo

Dual tone leather seat cover: Another change on the Crysta is the dual tone leather seat covers. The seat covers are made of leather and art leather. This gives the cabin a luxurious up-market feel and is again a feature that sets the Crysta apart from the regular variants of the Innova.

innova crysta smoked alloy wheels photo

Smoked alloy wheels: The Crysta gets new and attractive-looking wheels. These ten-spoke smoked alloy wheels give it a sporty feel. These are also lighter and dissipate heat faster than regular steel wheels would.

innova crysta exhaust tip photo

Chrome muffler tip: The Innova Crysta comes with a sleek-looking muffler. The chrome finish on the exhaust tip gives the car a premium look.

In summary, the Innova Crysta comes loaded with value-added features for its top-variant. Is this a move to woo potential buyers of the Tata Aria? Share your views about the relative strengths of the two cars.