Prime Minister Narendra Modi stops convoy to make way for Ambulance in Himachal Pradesh

VVIP movements in India are often a problem. If you have ever travelled through Delhi, you would have witnessed it yourself. If there is a politician or senior leader passing through a road. Police makes arrangements to usually block the road temporarily and general public suffer for the same. At times, they are offered a deviations but in many places, the traffic is blocked completely till the convoy has passed. For a change however, here we have a video where Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy actually stopped and gave way to an ambulance in poll-bound state of Himachal Pradesh.

The video has been uploaded by ThePrint on their YouTube channel. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was visiting the poll-bound state of Himachal Pradesh. During his day-long visit in the state, he stopped his convoy in Chambi region and let the ambulance pass to avoid any kind of incovenience. The video has been recorded from both outside and inside the car. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is actually travelling in a Toyota Fortuner SUV. The heavily armoured all-black SUV is clearly seen in the video. Just before joining a main road, the convoy stops and the ambulance passes.

The barricades that was placed on the road to avoid people from getting too close to convoy was also removed to ensure that the ambulance passes without any issue. Once the ambulance had crossed Prime Minister’s vehicle, the convoy resumes its journey. The traffic police official who was posted on the junction can be seen giving hand signals to the convoy to take the turn. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s followers can be seen waving at the convoy and the leader is waving back at them.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stops convoy to make way for Ambulance in Himachal Pradesh

Talking about the convoy movement, many leaders in India are known for blocking traffic for hours so that their convoy can pass without any major issue. Recently, a video from Mumbai had gone viral after an ambulance was held up on road so that the convoy of Union Home Minister Amit Shah could pass. After the video went viral, many people reacted to the same on social media and at last, Mumbai police was left with no other option but to probe into the matter. Mumbai Traffic Police had later come up with a clarification that there was no patient in the ambulance that was held up by the convoy. People who were present at the spot however say otherwise.

Vehicles that are used for emergency services like ambulance, fire brigade should always be given priority over other vehicles on the road. These vehicles might be rushing to a hospital with a patient who would be seriously ill. If these vehicles are stopped for such convoy crossings, there are chances that the patient might even lose his or her life. If you ever see an ambulance on the rear view mirror of your vehicle, always give way as obstructing the way of an emergency vehicle is an offence and traffic police can actually fine you for the same. Also never follow such emergency vehicles as it could easily lead to an accident.