Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s car convoy is full of Toyota Fortuner SUVs: Here’s proof

PM Narendra Modi is mostly seen using two heavily armored cars specifically built for him – the Land Rover Range Rover and the BMW 7-Series Guard. Most times, he is seen in the 7-Series. Here is a glimpse of the motorcade of Narendra Modi caught in Gujarat, which shows not one, not two but three Toyota Fortuner SUVs.

The convoy has been spotted in Ahmedabad and the cops and SPG can be seen blocking the road just before the motorcade’s arrival. The motorcade starts with a humble Mahindra Bolero, which belongs the local police and is the pilot car. Following that, a Toyota Innova Crysta and an Innova can be seen. All three cars are of the local police department.

Following the Modi’s official cars start to arrive. The leading car is a new-generation Toyota Fortuner, which is followed by another Toyota Fortuner with bullbars. Following that, a modified Tata Safari with signal jammers on it. This vehicle stops any signals that may trigger a bomb on the route.

Following the Safari comes the BMW 7-Series Guard, which is a bulletproof vehicle. The BMW is followed by a Land Cruiser closely. Again, a new gen Fortuner can be seen behind the Land Cruiser and then the second 7-Series comes. One of the 7-Series is a decoy car. The last vehicle is the convoy is a Toyota Fortuner again.

In the end, the support staff can be seen in the two buses following the convoy closely. And at last, an Ambulance follows the convoy. The BMW 7-Series is replaced with the Land Rover Range Rover many times when the Prime Minister is out of election campaigns. It makes PM Modi more visible while electioneering.

Shantonil Nag

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