Pristinely-kept 21 Year-Old Tata Indica V2: What It Drives Like [Video]

25 year old Tata Indica

The Tata Indica hatchback is one of the most iconic cars to ever bless the Indian automotive market. It was launched back in 1998. Being so old, a lot of the early models have found their way to the scrap yards. However, recently a video of one of the most pristine condition Tata Indica V2 has been shared online. The owner explains that he has owned this car since 2003 and it has done around 1.4 lakh km.

This video showing one of the most pristine Tata Indica V2 hatchbacks comes courtesy of Automotiv17 on their channel. It starts off with the presenter introducing this beautifully maintained Indica V2. He starts with the history of the car and mentions that this particular model is from 2003. It is currently 21 years old and there are no signs of this car showing its age.

The Tata Indica was launched back in 1998 and was the first small car made by Tata. Tata Motors, which at the time was called Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company Limited, launched this people carrier hatchback. It gained huge popularity in the country and found lakhs of homes across India.

The 2003 Tata Indica Story

Pristinely-kept 21 Year-Old Tata Indica V2: What It Drives Like [Video]

Before showing the car, the presenter introduces the owner of it. He then asks him when they bought this hatchback. To this, he replies that it was bought by their family back in 2003. He adds that this is the second-to-base variant.

The owner explains that there were 4 main variants. First was the DL variant which did not come with any features, next there was this DLE variant which this car is. He added that it came with an air conditioning system. Next up there was the DLS variant which received air conditioning, power steering, and passenger side mirror.

Pristinely-kept 21 Year-Old Tata Indica V2: What It Drives Like [Video]

Lastly, there was a DLX variant which came with body-colored bumpers and an audio system from the company. It also received central locking and wheel caps. The owner added that they intended to make this car a taxi. However, they later kept it for their family and it has been with them ever since.

2003 Tata Indica Exterior Walkaround

After talking about the Tata Indica and its story, the owner gives a walkaround of this hatchback. The presenter first shows the front of the car where he notices a crack in the paint.

Pristinely-kept 21 Year-Old Tata Indica V2: What It Drives Like [Video]

The owner then explains that one time a brick from the third floor of their house fell on it. So he got it repaired but over time it developed a crack. Apart from this, no other panel has ever been painted on this car, said the owner.

Next up he opens the bonnet of the car and shows the engine bay. The presenter first gets shocked by looking at it. He states that it looks immaculate. The owner explains that since the day of purchase he has not done any major part change. He highlights that even the clutch plate of this car is the same from 2003.

Pristinely-kept 21 Year-Old Tata Indica V2: What It Drives Like [Video]

Following this, he then adds that he gets this car regularly serviced even though he does not drive it as much. The car is only driven twice a month, he states. Next up he shows the side profile which gets 13-inch steel wheels. And lastly, he shows the rear of the car. The presenter adds there is close to no rust on this car.

Pristinely-kept 21 Year-Old Tata Indica V2: What It Drives Like [Video]

During the interview, the owner told more about this car and his love for it. He states that as finding parts for it was getting difficult he has started collecting parts of it. He currently has an entire stock of all original OEM parts in his house and can change if anything breaks. He also shows the interior which is also in immaculate condition.

2003 Tata Indica driving impressions

In another video, the presenter then takes the hatchback for a spin. He starts by saying that this V2 model came powered by a 1.4-litre diesel engine. This engine made a total of 48 bhp and 85 Nm of torque.

The presenter starts the car and engages the first gear. He states that the gear shift is extremely smooth and it drives without any effort. During the drive, the owner mentions that because of the condition of his car. He was offered Rs 5 lakh for it by a person. However, he declined this offer.

The owner mentions that he has not changed any suspension components. It is still riding on stock suspension like it came from the factory and it still drives like a brand-new car. He adds that even the brakes are still very strong.