Prithvi Shaw BMW car chase case: Influencer Sapna Gill to file molestation FIR against Indian cricketer

It has been reported that the Bhojpuri social media influencer Sapna Gill has recently filed an application with a Mumbai police station requesting the registration of an FIR against Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw and his friends. According to reports, Sapna Gill wants to file an FIR against them as they allegedly outraged her modesty in the wake of the selfie incident involving the latter and international cricketer Prithvi Shaw.

Prithvi Shaw BMW car chase case: Influencer Sapna Gill to file molestation FIR against Indian cricketer

After being released from custody following her arrest on February 16, Sapna Gill requested an FIR be filed at the Airport Police Station in Andheri against Shaw, his buddy Ashish Yadav, and others for alleged molestation and outraging modesty. She did this through her attorney Kaashif Ali Khan. According to Gill’s application, she and her friend Shobhit Thakur are frequent guests of the upmarket club, where the latter saw Shaw who was apparently intoxicated and partying with others. The appeal said that Thakur, a cricket lover, approached Shaw for a photo and was received with rudeness.

The application further stated, “Thakur, who is just a teenager, was unaware of the brutality of the drunken mob. Thakur was helpless and was unable to defend himself. Hence, she (Gill) intervened and entered the fray trying to stop Shaw and others from further harming and injuring Thakur,” It was stated that Shaw, who was at the time “inebriated,” heard Gill beg and plead with him. According to Gill’s appeal, Shaw insulted her modesty, a violation of Indian Criminal Code Section 354 (molestation) and other sections.

For those who are unaware of this selfie fiasco, it was reported on February 16 that during an argument over taking selfies that erupted at a luxury hotel in the early hours of February 15, Shaw was physically assaulted and had his car damaged with a baseball bat.

Shaw and his friend Ashish Yadav reported that Gill and her friends thrashed their car and hurled abuses along with having a physical altercation. Following this Thakur aged 19 was detained on February 18 according to police, while Gill was taken into custody on February 16. According to the complaint of Shaw’s friend Ashish Yadav, eight people were charged with rioting, assault, placing a person in fear of death or serious injury in order to extort money, criminal intimidation, and other offenses in connection with the event.

According to the police authorities, Gill and Thakur persuaded Shaw for a selfie, which sparked an altercation when the player declined after a few pictures on his phone. Shaw and his friend were then reportedly chased and the windscreen of their car was broken with a baseball bat by Gill, Thakur, and their six friends after they had waited for them outside the hotel. Shaw jumped into another automobile after spotting danger, while Yadav took the assaulted car to the police station in Oshiwara to report the incident.

A footage recorded by the camera of Gill was shared online and in the video the influencer and her friends can be heard talking to their other friends for a backup as they were chasing the cricketer in his BMW. Following this another video surfaced online where Prithvi Shaw was seen trying to stop the baseball bat that was used by the Bhojpuri influencer for destroying Shaw’s friends car.

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