Prithviraj, Malayalam movie star buys 7 lakh rupee ‘number ‘for Lamborghini Huracan supercar

Malayalam movie star Prithviraj is known to be a keen car enthusiast. The actor’s latest acquisition is a 3 crore rupee Lamborghini Huracan supercar. Prithviraj just spent a whopping 7 lakh rupees for a ‘fancy registration number’ for the supercar.

The registration number: KL 07 CN 1, was recently put on auction at the Ernakulam RTO, and bidding began at Rs. 10,000. The movie star, through his representatives, outbid others to drive home with the CN 1 number. The Huracan in question was delivered to the movie star late last year.

The Huracan that Prithviraj now owns is the LP 580-2 model. 580 stands for the horsepower (580 PS) the Huracan’s V12 petrol engine makes. 2 stands for rear wheel drive. Yes, the Huracan is among the few Lamborghinis that are available in a rear wheel drive layout.

The Huracan LP 580-2 is priced at Rs. 3.25 crores, and is the least priced Lamborghini supercar on sale in India. The car is also available in higher power versions, with peak power going up to 610 PS and the price going up to Rs. 4.07 crores. All versions of the Huracan use a 7 speed twin clutch automatic gearbox. Both rear wheel drive and all wheel drive variants are on sale.

RTOs across India are taking the lucrative auction route for ‘fancy numbers’. While some Indians choose such numbers for numerological purposes, others opt for them to make their rides totally unique. Many movie stars, and other rich and famous people often have the same number on multiple cars.

For example, Sanjay Dutt uses 4545 on all his cars, from his Rolls Royce to his Ferrari. Salman Khan, on the other hand uses 2727 on multiple cars. As for Shahrukh Khan, the Badshah of Bollywood, uses 555 on his cars, and has revealed that he does it for style rather than superstition. Down south, Mammootty and his son Dulquer Salman use cars with the 769 number plate, making their cars instantly recognizable.

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