Priyanka Gandhi & Congress worker ride scooter without helmet: FINED Rs. 6,100

Priyanka Gandhi, senior Congress leader reached Lucknow this Sunday and her convoy was stopped by the Uttar Pradesh Police for various reasons. Priyanka Gandhi, who went there to meet the family of retired IPS officer SR Darapuri, then traveled as a pillion rider on a scooter behind a Congress worker. The Uttar Pradesh Traffic Police has slapped a fine of Rs 6,100 on the rider.

The incident happened in Lucknow when the UP Police stopped the convoy of Priyanka Gandhi that was going towards the residence of the retired IPS officer. She was going to meet the family of the retired officer after he was detained by the cops for participating in the protests. After the cops stopped the convoy, a Congress worker gave her a lift and the video and pictures of the situation became viral on the Internet.

Poornendu Singh, SP (Traffic), UP Police confirmed that the rider has been fined for driving the scooter dangerously on the roads. The senior police official also added that the rider broke several other rules on the public roads. He was handed a challan for riding without a helmet, violation of traffic rule, a vehicle with a faulty number plate, dangerous driving and riding without a valid driving license.

Priyanka Gandhi & Congress worker ride scooter without helmet: FINED Rs. 6,100

The Congress worker has been identified as Dheeraj Gurjar and the cops have allowed him 15 days to pay the fine and clear the charges. It is not known if the rider, Dheeraj was stopped by the cops to check the license and other documents at the spot. Priyanka Gandhi also alleged that she was manhandled by the cops who were stopping her from reaching the residence of IPS officer.

The fines handed over to the scooter rider is in accordance with the new Motor Vehicle Act that was implemented all over India a few months back. Many states including Gujarat rejected the implementation of the new act due to the extremely high fines for the offences. According to Nitin Gadkari, the road and transport minister, the new amended Motor Vehicle act will help to curb down the offences done on the roads, which in turn will ensure that the people do not get involved in accidents.

It should be noted that India is one of the most dangerous places in the world when it comes to road safety. The high number of accidents every year claim thousands of lives. The new act has been implemented by the Uttar Pradesh government and that is why the amount of fine is Rs 6,100, which is on the higher side. In the past, cops have issued fines to celebrities and other influential people when their pictures became viral on the Internet.