Why a properly designed bullbar is allowed in some countries [Video]

Bull bars and metal bumpers on cars are all illegal and are banned in India. Although they are banned, we still see this accessory on many SUVs and cars in India. Safety of other road users and many other reasons are the reason why bullbars are banned in India. Bullbar is not a simple piece of metal that is installed in front of a vehicle. Proper research goes into the development of a bullbar. Sadly though, these researches were never followed while designing and developing a bullbar in India. Here we have a video that shows how a proper bullbar is actually designed.

Prevent airbags from working

The video has been uploaded by 4WD 24/7 on their YouTube channel. One of the main reason why bullbars were banned in India were because they interfere in the functioning of airbags in the car. If the bullbar installed in your car is properly designed, then it will interfere with the airbags. The airbags function when the sensors placed in front portion of the vehicle gets triggered at the time of an accident. A poorly designed bullbar will not let the sensor work at the time of an accident which would even cause severe injuries to occupants which could have been avoided if the the airbags were deployed.

Affects crumple zones

Why a properly designed bullbar is allowed in some countries [Video]

Every car that is launched in the market goes through rigorous testing under various conditions and situations. They even test the crumple zones in cars. It is a zone in the car that are designed to absorb the impact of an accident instead of transferring it to the cabin. If the bullbar installed in the car then it is blocking the crumple zone and the impact from an accident is transferred to rest of the car instead of the crumple zone. In such case, even the chassis of the car gets badly damaged as the bullbars are mounted on them.

Originally designed for Australia

Why a properly designed bullbar is allowed in some countries [Video]

You would be surprised to know that bullbars were designed for Australia originally. It was developed as an accessories for cars to protect the vehicle from animals especially Kangaroos that come in front of the vehicle out of nowhere. There have been incidents were animals have caused accidents and people have got stranded. Because of this properly designed bullbars are legal on cars in Australia.

Not allowed in India

Why a properly designed bullbar is allowed in some countries [Video]

The conditions that apply in Australia are not applicable in India. In India, people install bullbars on their vehicles to enhance the overall look or give their vehicle an aggressive look. Unlike Australia, Indian roads are crowded most of the time and installing bullbar would do more harm than good. Most of the people install it on the vehicle to protect the bumper from minor scratches. These bullbars are not compliant with the vehicle that they are installed on. Most of the time, these are just stainless steel pipes that are mounted to the chassis. It affects the functioning of airbags and it also does not comply with pedestrian safety norms

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